Fat Cat 4 Float Tube for sale

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Dan Soltau, Jan 20, 2005.

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  1. I have a Fat Cat 4 for sale. I have only used it twice and am upgrading to a pontoon. I also have a pair of force fins for sale as well that we could work out a deal for. No pump included. I will sell it for $80 without the fins, with the fins around $150. (they are the $120 force fins) Thankyou.
    Jesus will save you if you buy this setup! :beer2:
  2. Dan you must know a different Jesus than I do.
    jesse clark
  3. Are you sure it isnt the FISH cat rather than the Fat Cat???? I couldnt find any info about the former online.

  4. Yeah it is the fiah cat, sorry. I am not trying to scam you or anything, i get it confused all the time. Thanks for the correction JW. :thumb:
  5. Is it the blue one with the rigid foam seat or the green one with the air filled seat?
  6. Don't sell yor fins, you'll still need them when you get that new pontoon boat... :D
  7. Roper, The tube is the blue one. I guess i am not selling the fins with some guidance from wayne. Thanks
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