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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Jacob Peterson, Jun 24, 2009.

  1. I have a orvis clearwater 6 weight i like on the beaches, but Im wondering, for making HUGE casts, whats ur favorite stick? Im thinking a seven wheight switch to expand the arsenal.
  2. Sage 7100-4. 10' 7wt.
  3. 690-4 Xi2 with either a streamer express or outbound
  4. i was casting a 7wt z-axis at the fair, it was definetly a cannon. also i really like the distance of casting the scott S4 in a 6wt. a switch rod should also be helping getting them casts way out their.

  5. Loomis classic GLX 1086 with SA Streamer Express, Airflo 40+, or Outbound line.
  6. 691 xp or 691 tcr, SA steelhead taper for the xp, 250 grain streamer express for the tcr, still playing with some lines on the tcr.
  7. TCX like stated above
  8. Redington 9664S CPS with a 7wt Airflo 40+
  9. 9’ 7 weight GLX, Outbound short + 10’ intermediate poly leader, lightly weighted fly.
  10. 11 Ft, 5 wt Zaxis with a 7wt Outbound.
  11. 9' 6wt classic GLX, can't beat the matte black. Outbound short, if you can haul, get an outbound.
  12. 10'-6" Beulah 7/8 with an 8wt Outbound Short. For now.
  13. Lund 18' Alaskan drifting just out of everyone elses reach!:hmmm:
  14. That would be sweet, but I bike to my local spots, cant drive yet.
  15. Little canon...4100 z axis

    Little bigger canon....4110 deer creek switch, outbound line or afs..

    Big canon...Meiser 11'7 5/6 switch..Bob's line and/or outbound...

    So far only cast Bob's line...overhead that thing freaking flies!!!!

    (also just picked up a 9'6 rpl 7wt man that thing feels like it will throw some junk too)
  16. iagree I've been lovin' my z axis switch!

    OH, and golfman...NICE avatar ;)
  17. 9' Cross Current GLX with the Outbound Short
  18. I like my Echo Ion 10' 7 wt with 40+ line.
  19. I love my 9' 7wt CC GLX coupled with an outbound, but I think my favorite is the 11' 7wt Native Run GLX overlined with an 8 wt outbound. I even use it from my boat sometimes, tons of fun.
  20. original flavor sage graphite II, 2 piece, 7100 with a 7wt outbound. if you can find one of these for sale, buy it!

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