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  1. BackwoodBows

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    Needing a new box for my big stonefly and terrestrial patterns my MFC River Camo box is not working. Looking for a box that is designed for bigger flies so they are not so smashed together. Any suggestions? Looking to stay under $25
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    Morell or lighter, if they make one!
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    go buy a Plano pistol case, take out the foam that's in there. Either pick up craft foam from Walmart (the kind that one side is sticky--normally, I wouldn't direct anyone to Walmart, but it's the only place I've found it locally--the kind with one side that's sticky), stick 2-3layers (depending on the size of flies you want to put in), take an x acto (sp?) knife & make slits the entire length of the box pretty close together (depending on the size of flies you want to put in there), there you have it, a "guide box" that'll cost you around $10.

    something like this:

    you can also use any other large Plano box...work great.

    note: my slits are a little wide for small flies, but you get the idea.
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    I have several boxes of varying styles. Each has its pros and cons. Of late, I'm finding these stout flip top cans to work quite well as I can cram a ton of flies of a particular type pattern in them and they don't take up a ton of room. I also have started using the clear plastic/screw top jars used by pharmacy's.
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    This is to neat. I hate neat. Mess it up a little.
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    Check out the Cliff outdoor boxes....I am addicted to the
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    ha! those are just for storage boxes, by on-stream boxes look nothing like that, trust me.
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    For many years I've used plain old clear Plano plastic boxes of various sizes and compartment configurations. I have never felt any compulsion about having my flies carefully lined up in parade formation and have never had a problem with just tossing flies of matching size and pattern into the into the various compartments or being able to select the one I want from the pile.