Favorite Fly Tying Beverage

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Mike Wilson, May 31, 2008.

  1. Rock Star, it makes me less shaky :)
  2. Jack and coke of course. Easy on the coke. Tie fast or drink slow it's your choice!

  3. A 40 OF OLD ENGLISH, or a STEEL RESERVE... that will grow some hair on your chest!
  4. Just a Coke. I tried the 12 pack of miller lite, but all my flies started to look like something a cat would spit up. :eek:
  5. A good micro IPA or a glass of red wine does the trick for me!
  6. If you like Crown, buy Potter's Crown and you'll never send that much money again!
  7. I usually go with 12yr old Glenlivet on ice.
  8. A shot or two of tequila seems to do the trick. A nice fuzzy head makes for nice fuzzy flies. :)
  9. Laphroaig 12 yr single malt in a snifter
  10. But those are the ones that catch fish! You should carry atleast two boxes with you at all times. The one box that catches fish and the other one to catch the fisherman.
  11. Copenhagen cappucino
  12. Grandma Sweeney's Country Quencher, in the green bottle. If I am out of that, I'll hit the Thunderbird or Mad Dog 20/20.
  13. Oh with out a doubt its all about the Gentleman's Jack.
  14. :rofl::rofl::rofl:
    Thunderbird or MD??
  15. Surely you jest?:rofl:
  16. busch light. in othello more b.l. is sold than any other beer. mike w
  17. I have to be really focused or I'm buying flies. A good micro brew, but rarely two or more otherwise I'm wasting time, materials and again...buying flies.
  18. I usually have a St Pauli Girl, Becks or one of the many fine beers from New Belgium brewery in Colorado... or two... or three. It tends to go from what I need towards what would be fun to experiment with about 1/2 way into #3. :beer1:
  19. I woulda guessed Corona or Dos Equis.....You learn something new everyday!
  20. Molson Canadian in the warm months(Because I AM CANADIAN) and OBAN on ice through the cold canadian winters
    Salmon Chaser

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