Favorite Flytiers?

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Big E, Dec 24, 2012.

  1. kelvin Active Member

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    Mark Mercer
    Thomas Mitchell
    Rob Ast
    April Vokey
  2. Jamie Wilson Active Member

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  3. Dave Evans Active Member

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    Looking over at my bookshelf I have to say AK Best, Shewey, and Dave Hughes. I am also a huge fan of Leroy Hyatt because he is a local and I run into him a few times a year. His PBS shows are great, and he is about the nicest guy you will ever meet.
  4. psycho Active Member

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  5. Rob Ast Active Member

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    Fixed that for ya ;)
  6. Tracy Lauricella Active Member

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    Fishy Fullum. There's a lot of talented fly tiers already named- (nearly everyone I thought of immediately was already on someone's list above.) But I gotta call out Fishy Fullum- his tying isn't just good patterns and tying skill (which he has, of course) but I also love the way he takes everyday items and makes them into flies. I like to make myself think this way; see a pile of Christmas trim? Ooh, I could make a fly from that! Rubber window insulation? You bet! Pistachio shells? Why not?! Cat toys, parts of kid's toys, dog hair, sewing supplies, craft foam, school supplies, you name it. Fishy makes me think I could just walk around my house and shop and instantly have all the materials I need to fill all my flyboxes. Fun stuff.
  7. kelvin Active Member

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    Mike ties great flies indeed
    gets my vote for best photographer and most inspiring photos
  8. pittendrigh Active Member

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    I agree. If you look at the flies for sale in the shops today and think about what was available 30 years ago you realize a lot has happened. Better materials and better information (the addition of the internet) have stoked the creative fires. There are too many amazingly good fly tiers to name all at once.

    However I must say I did recently see a collection of flies tied by Rene Harrop that boggled the mind. Creative design and creative use of materials are one way to value flies and fly tiers. Flawlessly neat and detail-oriented tying is another. Artistic sense of proportion is another criteria yet again, and at that Rene excels beyond all others. Subtle differences in the ratios between body length, tail length, wing height and hackle diameter may seem inconsequential when comparing top-notch flies. But when all those ratios complement each other perfectly the eye knows what the tongue can't speak. Everybody can recognize near perfection. But few can make it happen.

    After Rene the world's most important fly tier is myself. I'm sure of it. :=))
  9. Brian Thomas Active Member

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    Me , even though it`s a love-hate relationship at times . And the reason me is my favourite tyer is because that`s the guy who has toiled for years to fill all of my fly boxes '

    I`m pretty sure though , that that me guy will never break your top 1000 list of tyers to fill your boxes , but my standard are not nearly so high .
  10. Norm Frechette Active Member

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    charlie craven
    scott sanchez
    dick talleur
    hans weilenmann
    davie mcphail
    keith fulsher
    gary lafontaine
    rene harrop
  11. dfl Active Member

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    Karen Royer of Lacy. Ties ultra realistic flies using natural materials (fish fins for yellow jacket wings), supports fishing club auctions with donated flies, is a willing and talented teacher of her craft, and is drop dead gorgeous.
  12. Bert Registered Potamophile

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  13. Jack Devlin Active Member

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    Aside from all the tyers on WFF:) its hard for me to pick just a few favorites. I'd have to say ditto to those already mentioned and maybe add a few like Rube Cross and Walt Dette. And, there is my personal favorite, my Dad's old Scottish Gille named McTavish who, while minding me as a young nipper, would tie Atlantic Salmon flies in his hands whilst wading knee deep and instructing "sports" on his beat.
  14. kelvin Active Member

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    I vote for any gille named McTavish who ties flies in his hand
  15. Daryle Holmstrom retiredfishak

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    me too
  16. Mark Mercer Member

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    I just looked at this post.....there are many that have influenced me over the years, just on this site alone there are so many excellent tiers....it's a tough call, I guess a few would be,
    Harry Lemire
    John Shewey
    Jackd, and of course his dad's old gillie McTavish
    Syd Glasso