NFR Favorite Ipa (preferably Wa, Mt, Id, Or)

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by DennisE, Apr 18, 2012.

  1. Brennen Busse Member

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    7 Seas - Balls Deep IPA. It'll mess you up in a hurry.
  2. SeanM member

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    Kind of an old post - but I'm an IPA fan when the weather turns gorgeous like it is today. 80 degrees and sunshine equals refreshing beer.
    Anyway...I hate to say it, but my fave IPA is made in NY!! (I know, you all are thinking something similar to that line in the old Pace Picante sauce ads ... "New York City??? Get a rope!!)

    I'm telling ya though - this beer will ruin you for other IPA's.

    Its made by Evil Twin Brewery (out of Brooklyn). Its called "Uncommon IPA" ...and it lives up to its name sake.
  3. underachiever !

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    Hair of the dog's Blue Dot is a tasty brew.
  4. Evan Burck Fudge Dragon

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    You can get Evil Twin at the bottle shop down the street from me. I'd still prefer a Laurelwood, though.
  5. dflett68 Active Member

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    my brother and i had 4 or five lined up on the 4th. he brought something from stone called a belgian ipa, i think. it was interesting, liked it. had a few others, but stumbled on a small stockpile of the pliney at a local shop and that was by far the best.
  6. Brookie_Hunter aka Dave Hoover

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    Ten Barrel Apocalypse!
  7. SeanM member

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    Pliny the Elder or Pliny the Younger?
  8. dflett68 Active Member

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    Sorry, the Elder.
  9. Brian White Recovering Bugmeister/Troutlandish?

    maybe not for the purists and admittedly not an IPA, but anderson valley brewing's summer solstice served ice ice cold is what i've been liking lately
  10. Spencer Woods Member

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    I've never seen it outside of a Beer Specialty store.............. but I'm all over Sockeye Red! Brewed in AK. Super good!
  11. mtgreenheads Member

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    Can't beat Ranger IPAs or Double Haul IPA for canned boat beers. Next year I will have draft beer in the raft for overnights.
  12. Hem Member

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    Scrolled through five pages and low and behold the final post"er" mentions my go-to beer....Ranger IPA..(in a can).Have found this beer in LaConner,Wa.
  13. mtskibum16 Active Member

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    I agree! I can't say IPA's are my favorite, but Ranger is what got me experimenting with them lately. Can't beat a good brew in a can for outdoor adventures!

    Hem, I see you're from Three Forks. I'm from Bozeman and my grandparents live in Three Forks. Now I'm just thinking about Madison River and Bozone breweries....mmmmm
  14. Casey Hodges Member

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    Diamond Knot.