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  1. I'm finding my patience for the constant barrage of crap news, down in the mouth media hype and most of the current TV series shows (Big Bang the exception :D) to be running thin. We are watching more and more of the old TV shows and actually feeling somewhat refreshed. Some we particularly like:
    • Barney Miller
    • The Riflemman
    • WKRP Cincinnati
    • Archie Bunker
    • Mash
    What shows do you like?
  2. The Donna Reed Show
    The F.B.I.
    Adam 12
    My favorite Martian
  3. I like watching Freestoneangler watching Archie Bunker.....;)
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  4. What channel is that on ?????
  5. I haven't had a TV now for about 5 years. I think I could tolerate re-runs of "Maverick," "Man from Uncle" "Leave it to Beaver," and for sure I'd like the original "Star Trek" series.

    Later series that I found to be funnier than most, and that I only viewed as re-runs the first time I saw 'em were: "All In the Family," "Married with Children," and "Malcom in the Middle."
  6. M.A.S.H.
  7. X files for life.
  8. Damn right@! Mash, Columbo, X-files, MIke Hammer, Paladin, Perry Mason, and some now politically incorrect westerns, like the Lone Ranger.
    Yeah man...when I can no longer even drive down to the estuary and launch my yak, nor to the river and fish the same old run from a chair like Old Man, then I'll dredge me up some classic re-runs. I'll have something that I can relate to for entertainment. I just hope that the nursing home will have cable, and that Big Nurse doesn't have it in for me and make me watch cartoons.:eek: Or even worse, "The Beverly Hillbillies."
  9. I like watching TMC and all the old B/W movies.
    Car 54
    Sea Hunt
  10. What about.....
    The Patty Duke Show
    The Flying Nun
    National Velvet
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  11. Every morning during the week starting at 5:30 is
    "married with children" back to back to back. watch it while drinking my coffee.
  12. Twilight Zone
    Sea Hunt
    Hiway Patrol
    M Squad
  13. If you like most of the shows listed above and thousands more of the old shows, Netflix streaming is for you. Under $9 a month, no commercials and you can watch a many as you like 24/7.
  14. I'm kind of stuck on some of the new shows. NCIS, Chicago Fire, and Blue Bloods. These are about the only shows that I watch. I just turn on the TV for the noise. Or I watch the History Channel About WWII.

    The rest is all garbage.
  15. I have trouble finding TV programs anymore, seems like all I can find are commercials....Anybody else have that problem?
    I'm like OMJ.... I sometimes just use it for background noise.
  16. I like watching the A-team, and souhtpark
  17. Netflix is pretty awesome.

    I've actually been watching some old Hitchcock on there. You can find a lot of the old shows on there. I remember watching Car 54 with my grandpa when I was little (in the 80s).

    Another great local one--Twin Peaks. So effing good.

  18. I've been watching The Wonder Years on Netflix. The music soundtrack on the show is fantastic and the story lines were well written in my opinion.

    MASH is another show I'll check out even though I've seen every episode multiple times.
  19. Everyone has already mentioned the shows I liked. Of course there was also Zorro, the Lucy Show, The Honey Mooners and The Outer Limits.

    One thing that I couldn't ever figure out in regards to the Lone Ranger. How come the bad guys always threw their guns at the Lone Ranger when they ran out of bullets? Who would throw their gun at someone? The Lone Ranger always ducked and guns were damned expensive in those days.

    Also, when it comes to I Dream of Genie, what kind'a nutcase wouldn't allow her to use her powers? Not to mention the fact she was one hot babe.
  20. This thread is dredgin' up shows I've forgotten about. That's what 5 years away from the tube does to you. I never liked TV as background noise. I still can't tolerate listening to it if I'm not actually viewing it.
    Before "remotes" hit the scene, I was renting a house with some other single people. We had a TV in the living room. We rigged up a "blab-off" button wired to the TV's speaker, and anyone watching the TV had to turn off the sound when commercials came on. This courtesy was so that anyone in another room wouldn't have to endure the blabbing. ;)

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