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  1. That's the reason I like to record the shows... you can use fast forward to move through the commercials if it is recorded. However, if you use the "catch up" function for Comcast, sometimes the commercials are still there and you can't fast-forward past the commercials!

    However, I've noticed the commercials are not as long when you use the catch up function.

    The best bet is to use the DVR function to record it so you can blast past the commercials.

    In the old days, we had a remote "clicker". Evidently it used a sound wave to change channels. Once in awhile, my mother would be moving around pots and pans in the kitchen and the channel would change due to the metallic sound of the pans and pots. Weird.
  2. If your Mother was like my Mother, maybe it was just her strong will that changed the channel?
  3. Charlie, quite possible :)
  4. Yeah, guns in them days only cost about 25 dollars.

    On old TV shows, I don't really care for any of them.
  5. 25 bucks was a lot of money in the old days! You didn't care for any of the old TV shows? Wow...
    tough crowd.
  6. Soap
    All in the family
    Twilight zone
    happy days
    laverne and shirley
  7. I have a couple to mind. I think Rawhide is one of them. There was an old Steve Mcqueen western in which he was a bounty hunter. Have Gun Will Travel was a sometime thing.
  8. Ren & Stimpy
  9. Too good. Too good.

    Go Sox,
  10. It's taken 18,689 posts, but Old Man finally said something I can agree with. Broadcast TV in the 1950's was an insane glut of westerns, good, bad, and unusual. "Rawhide" gave us excellent stories, large scale production values, and Clint Eastwood as part of the cast. I was also a fan of "Jim Bowie" and "Yancey Derringer," Southern-themed westerns with a lot of historical background. But my favorite oater (shown not long ago on Multiplex) was "Have Gun - Will Travel" with Paladin's compelling, multi-layered professional gunfighter.

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