Favorite "NON HATCH" Indicator fly.

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Drifter, Feb 9, 2012.

  1. I tied up some of my favorite non hatch indi flies today and thought I would share and maybe start a thread on your favorite non hatch indi fly!

    My fly is very simple and fast to tie, # 14 200R 3x long hook- pheasant tail-tail- light tan dubbing body with copper rib- darker brown thorax- dark brass bead-or dark tungsten.

    For some reason this fly catches fish everywhere I fish it. I think it imitates caddis the most but might also fool fish into believing it's a calibeatis or something. sorry for the pics but it's the best i can do.

    When i want to spice this fly up I tie a back on it like the top fly in the photo, the back is darker giving it the two-tone look which many nymph's have, in the second pic it is laid sideways to see the lighter under body. also sometimes i pull out some of the darker dubbing at the thorax for legs.

    Simple and effective!

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  2. Nice. The color scheme and basic design looks like a simplified "Skip Nymph" by Skip Morris. . . and I'm all about simplifying the tying process!

    I'll try to get some pic's up later but I fish a lot of beadhead micro leeches on #12-14 scud hooks, beadhead Rickards' stillwater nymphs, and Rickards' callibaetis nymphs under bobbers when there is no obvious hatch going on.
  3. Would love to see your Rickards callibaetis nymph.
  4. nice flies, both of you. tyin some up right now!
  5. Trout pocket, you should have put up a warning with that calli nymph. If fishing that fly, never put your rod down to look in your fly box while also trolling back to the launch.

  6. Troutpocket- I have studied or looked at Rickards nymph and calli nymph and most of his other flies. I tied his nymph or should i say tied down caddis for lakes-;-) but didn't have the right orange-rust hackle for the body wrap and just used what I had in the mess I call my tying station.

    I came up with that tan and brown fly because I was trying to come up with a traveling caddis pupa pattern and tying the woven body caddis nymph which is a pain in the ass to tie, so I came up with the one above and also tie it with a white bead for tan chiro's. but for some reason the dark bead version has really worked for me in lakes. thanks for the link!
  7. a favorite of mine.......
  8. Did you get your rod back?
  9. Generally a beaded micro leech with a dropper fished under a bobber if I'm at a loss as to what to tie on.

    Lately I have been using a different pattern in such situations. A while back while shopping for flies online I came across what this website was calling mini buggers. They are basically a bugger minus the hackle wrapped body. Just a maribou body and tail. I bought a selection in black, olive and maroon and have been having some success fishing this under a bobber just off the bottom when nothing else is happening. I imagine the fish could be taking them as just about anything... I just think they are small, I wanna say these are size 14 but possibly down to 16, and just plain look tasty. I find myself tying on one or two of those flues more and more often these days.
  10. Nice avatar pond! After blowing it up i might have to tie some with black wire ;-)
  11. dig it pond! whats that your using for the body? and nick you got a pic or know a website that does for these mini-buggers? this thread rocks, learned 3 new ties on it already, would love to make it 5!
  12. A Halfback deep. On the other hand, one of my sons fishes it still in the surface film in the Spring & Summer.
  13. The body is marabou....(the blood quill type)with medium red wire..... the tail.... also marabou but I prefer to use the "woolly bugger" type as it is soft and a bit webby (as apposed to stiff and spikey).
    I think that even without a wind riffle and fishing off an indicator the soft tail will be undulating to some degree ( giving it "life").... I almost alway use size 12 scud hook as I have no data that would indicate any other size might be better.... the bead .... gold or black....

    Good luck......Paul
  14. Black rib = chromer red rib= chromie
  15. That is some funny stuff!
  16. That rod broke and Loomis replaced it with another rod which I promptly had taken out of my boat with the same reel and line. I dredged for awhile with no go. 45 minutes after that another guy hooks my line with the fish still attached. So I get the rod back again.
  17. Ira are you going to show us your FAVORITE NON HATCH INDI FLY?
  18. The fact that you were able to get your rod back after this happening once is pretty incredible. To have it happen twice with the same results... that's simply amazing.

    Those monster browns can be such a nuissance!

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