Favorite "NON HATCH" Indicator fly.

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  1. I got this from some where.
    Hook: 10-12 9671
    tail: brown hen
    body: mixed olive & brown dub, 2/3 length.
    thorax: olive dub.
    hackle: brown
    shell case: black rump feathers.
    often troll this tight to the cattails, or cast tight to the weeds and strip back.
  2. IRA nice collection, and if you'd have to pick one? I do like the dual colored mini buggers.
  3. Those are a rikard pattern called a Stillwater Bug.
  4. However.... Denny Rickards loathes indicator fishing...
  5. Not true. Denny just doesn't think that it is as effective as other methods most of the time but, but he does understand the value of a vertical presentation.
  6. As far as I know he never, ever fishes with an indicator.... and is known to mock those who do...... and I have often fished around him/ near him.....last time I saw him he was fishing out of a donut , flitting around around the edges of Diamond... some old school guys never make the transition....We started using indicators about 1990.
    Klamath Lake (his home water) is not a classic chironomid lake either... except for certain areas it looks like pea soup and bait fish patterns are the rule covering lots of water... cast and retrieve buggers all day....
    The Petric Park area ( aka the Petric Channel) is a cool area to fish however... it flows into the Wood River.... the bhml under an indicator works well down there...

  7. When the boogey man goes to sleep at night he checks his closet for Denny Rickards.

    Clearly the only true way to fish is the way that Denny does. Sometimes I don't even bother casting a line, ill just sit alone in my boat and ponder such questions as....if Denny uses an indicator, and nobody is around to see it, did it really happen?

  8. Hi Nick,
    You're being rather obtuse.... please elaborate...

  9. Obtuse? I think he was just being funny.
  10. Obtuse = hard to understand...I'm not afraid to admit that I don't get Nick's point or his humor... Maybe he is poking fun at obsessing over minutia. I do not know...

  11. So by your own admission it is possible that he was not being obtuse, rather you lack the ability to understand. This I believe and not meaning to be mean, but I think this helps explain many of your posts and your ability to rub some the wrong way.
  12. Not that this topic should make any difference to anyone . . . but I had a conversation with Denny last summer as I was planning a Montana stillwater trip. His thoughts on indicators at the time were along the lines of "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em". And I agree he is an old school stillwater guy. I've had a lot of success as a result of his patterns, books, and direct conversations but he is always "on message".
  13. Obtuse... That's funny

  14. Perhaps I should simplify it. My sarcastic way of saying that giving two shits about how a "celebrity" fishes is about the equivalent of pouring over people magazine pining for the latest accessory that Paris Hilton is wearing.

    Fish how you want. I'm sure Mr. Rickards fishes as he wants. I'm also sure he is not so passionately against indicators and all they represent that he needs wff members making ridiculous statements on his behalf. But hey, to each their own. It certainly didn't make me enjoy watching my son land his first fish on an indicator any less, even knowing with such certainty that Richards would most likely have been mocking him for it.
  15. for the record. . . i laughed. .
  16. I tied up a few of your tan/brown nymphs in #12 and #14. I will be fishing them this season! I really like the two-tone look that the pheasant tail gives over a dubbed body. I found some brown squirrel dubbing I picked out of a discount bin many years ago that makes a nice collar behind the bead.

    As for the Rickards ties, check out Eagle Fly Fishing materials. Jay Fair dyes some nice colors for lakes.

    Thanks again for sharing your nymph pattern.

  17. I fished the red squirrel tail bead head fly again at pass under an indicator, and once again it did well. I will add though that the same pattern in other colors has worked well too. The idea of hanging mini leech patterns under an indicator, although not brand new to me is not something I really explored until the last couple of years. I never really personally liked fishing with full sink lines so my leech/bugger game was limited but in the back of my mind I kept thinking I might be able to create the same effect of a full sink by simply dropping a bug under an indicator. As a dedicated chironomid guy though with a lot of confidence in those bugs it was hard for me to make the transition. Then a couple of things happened; I watched Chan do it on a show, my buddy told me about dropping a damsel nymph and doing well, Rowley dropped a Rickards Stillwater nymph (no bead), and I started fishing more with troutpocket who was much more willing to try something different when chironomids were not hot and heavy. I added a bead to the Stillwater nymph (which I told Rickards about, he cringed until I told him I hung it under an indicator then he said that that was ok, his words), and tried it under an indicator in the winter, found some success and e rest is history, now I'm willing to hang just about anything under a bobber.... I mean indicator. Amazing how much I've come full circle since my bait days.
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  18. Now that looks like trout food.

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