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Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by Rodney K. Pabst, Jun 24, 2008.

  1. 12ft 6in cts skagit blank with a airflo skagit line.
  2. hook jaw, do you fish sink tips on the Deschutes all summer? Doc, what is a cts blank?
  3. Yuhina- the amnesia shoots incredible, and at $4.50/spool of 200ft, thats a hell of a lot cheaper than any other runner out there. the problem is getting a hold of the stuff- if you see it, buy it up because sunset is no longer manufacturing it. i was hitting the far bank at around 95' this morning with no problem- and if you stretch it out before you fish, its stiff enough that it wont tangle as much as normal runners...and the best part when it "melts" through your guides? silence.
    as far as chucking those shock and awes? just remember that you need grains to throw grains- so by that i mean that youll have an easier time turning over coneheads with 10ft of t14 than 10ft of t8. what size cones are you throwing? nothing short of a garden hose will turn over those 7/16 helmets "with ease".
  4. I don't fish sinktips in the summer on the Deschutes or really anywhere. In the summer I just use a Vision shooting head with a floating polyleader on the BIIX. I'll switch that rod over to a skagit head & sinking tip sometime in mid-November depending on weather and water temperature.

  5. Thanks a lot! k2,
    I am using 7/16 cone with bunny fur... "just remember that you need grains to throw grains- " I guess a heavy tip t14 and strong head combination is what I need... good suggestion! I appreciated!:thumb:
  6. K2,

    I noticed the same thing about the amnesia. At times it is very hard to tell without looking whether or not you have a good hold of it. I prefer something a little thicker that I can feel better. As far as performance goes, it is a great product.
  7. will, cts blanks are what Meiz' uses for his rods i believe, they have killer short rods at 7ft/7-8wt rods for small water big fish, i believe they are from NZ ? was interested in the cts skagit, but.............you should ask ron what he thinks of them:)
  8. Actually it is once again being manufactured in Kansas or one of those prairie states and is available in all colors and break strengths including 30# black.

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