Favorite Smallmouth Bugs

Discussion in 'Warm Water Species' started by Doug Lee, Feb 18, 2014.

  1. Here are my favorite smallie bugs. A "crazydad" in olive with a touch of orange and a smallie-sized Madame X with a two layer foam wing. Both have worked well. The Madame X is really fun, with really violent surface takes.

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  2. Those look like they would work very well for SMB. My two most productive flies are a #8 Arizona Simi Seal Leech and a White/ Chartreuse Clouser.


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  3. Nice looking bugs.
    I've had good luck with Murdich Minnows and Osthoff's Bobbing Baitfish.
  4. Smallies love anything big and ugly( that goes for Largemouth too). I like crawdads and a Pat's Rubberlegs.
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  5. My favorite fish. Fished them for 35 years in WI and MN before moving out here. The Madame X pattern seems to anger them. The longer the legs the better.

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  6. I'm not sure that I have a favorite Bass fly just yet, but I'm working on it. Chartreuse and White Clousers are the bomb and I've had good luck with Turks Tarantulas of all things. image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
  7. Doug, take a look at this Stealth Bomber. It's killer for all bass and easy to tie. I've used it for a few years here in the south, and I'm sure it will work there as well. Ron. http://www.flyfishga.com/stealth.htm
  8. Ron, I will give the Stealth Bomber a try this summer. Looks like it would move lots of water during a retrieve which is a great trigger for bass. Thanks.

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  9. I am hearing from some of my smallmouth bass fishing friends that they are using the Chum Baby fly on the Columbia River and tributaries, as a fry and smolt pattern of course. I have been sharing this fly with friends back east, people who are decidedly fanatical in their bass fishing, in lakes and rivers. So far the Chum Baby fly is working well in some very unexpected places.
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  10. What's interesting about that is my favorite fly for swinging spring smallmouth on the lower Yakima has long been a fox squirrel tail over white clouser. Seems they love (or are angered by) that mottled yellow squirrel hair. I'll have to give a chum baby a try too.
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  11. I have no doubt that smallmuth bass will go after the Chum Baby fly with the same intensity that they focus on juvenile salmonids and other small fish.
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  12. I used a chum fry stylized flat wing at Rocky Ford this spring and attracted a fair bit of interest. Seems that fish all over the place think that chum fry look delicious.
  13. Simi Seal leeches really work. Last year I was trout fishing and started getting tons of bass by-catch using them. Now it's one of my go to bass flies.

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