favorite steelhead flys for nymphing

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  1. making a run to cabelas this weekend and am going to pick up some flies for steelhead and was wondering what some of your guys favorite was. thanks for the suggestion.
  2. I like the agent onyx. Black with orange beadhead or midnight fire with orange beadhead
  3. i had never heard of it just looked it up looks like a killer thanks am new to fly fishing for steelhead used to plunk for them but... fly fishing is like a disease it takes over until its all you think about.
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  4. If you hit a pro shop on the way, they'll actually tell you what's been working. I have my favorites, but I'm sure you won't find them at Cabelas. They'll (Cabelas) "tell" you what "works", but a pro shop actually has to get it right...or you don't come back. Yes, there's all the skill/knowledge factors that go into it as well, but that's true no matter where you go. Just try'n to save you some disappointment.

    That being said, purples/pinks with a kiss of orange for me when bouncing.
  5. i don't know of any fly shops around here only place i could think of was cabelas. i am all for spending a little more to keep the "little guy" in business. will get on Google and try to locate a fly shop somewhat close to me.
  6. anybody on here ever been to the Fly Fisher in Lacey? if so what do you think of it?
  7. 1/0 skunk
  8. Good on you. And thanks for receiving my post as it was intended. Hope you find what you're looking for.

    There are several guys here that bounce bugs for steelies, self included, but I tie most of my own and I can't really put a name to them. If I did, they would be called something like: "What the hell is that?" or "Are you kidding me?". But they work, and that's all that matters. Just get to where they are hold'em up this time of year, and fish with confidence.
  9. on the website here there is a section that has fly shops listed look there you should be able to find one somewhere in your area
  10. going to the fly fisher in Lacey this weekend (still need to call to find out their hours)
  11. Iam not possitive but Ithink 9;00-=5;00. Bjorn has a good selection and is very knowledgeable and helpful and has tons of hard to find stuff.Phone number is 360 491 0181.Good luck.
  12. Bjorn is an extremely knowledgeable and and valuable resource; particularly regarding steelheading. He's always been helpful and will even sit down at the shop's tying bench and show you a trick or two if he has the time, and he stocks a ton of great materials too. In my opinion, a great guy and a great shop.
  13. okay thanks Dan will be going Saturday
  14. I was gonna say glo bugs but you won't find shit for good glo bugs at cabelas.
  15. Trout Beads....
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  16. Only 14 posts in, I shall now sit back and watch the mayhem............:rofl:
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  17. Prince nymphs, Copper Johns, Amato Nymph, Stone Flies like a Pat's stone.

  18. Yup. Go to the Fly Fisher and talk to Bjorn. He is a great guy. He's not a nympher (at least not by choice), but he'll sit down and show you a thing or two that will work. While you're there, check out his assortment of custom steelhead flies (summer and winter). He ties lots of big, fishy stuff.
  19. sparkle shrimp, polar shrimp, tippet shrimp, skykomish sunrise, green butt skunk, various caddis, copper johns, etc.
  20. crystal meth ( sucker spawn), pink san juan, prince nymph, micro leech (red bead head), soft hackle

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