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Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by oldfish, Mar 2, 2006.

  1. I'm about to travel out west and was interested in hearing your thoughts about the best flies to start tying this year. Thanks!
  2. It changes every year, but this winter it is an Intruder on a Waddington Shank. Last year is was a Blue Moon Bunny tube fly and in the fall it is always a caballero.
  3. bunnies in any color, as long as it's black.
  4. Theres a very good chance yours is the only fly shes ever seen.
  5. Skunk, Polar Shrimp, Brad's Brat, Bunny Leeches (Black, Hot Orange)

  6. Rubber legged copper john, size 6 shrimp hook. Money baby.
  7. Blue Moon :thumb:
  8. Intruder
  9. brown a leach. small.
  10. Black G.P.
  11. iagree heck ya!
  12. I can't just pick one because of different conditions. But my dark proflile would be coal car and my light would be a Skykomish sunrise.
  13. It used to be a G.P. But this winter its the Skagit minnow. And I can't forget the "Poewns Special". I like lots o' flies, I fish mass different shit, but I seem to only catch fish on the Pwoens Special. From the Ronde to the Sauk, that fly is money in the bank. Its like crack for steelies. I believe there are photos on the site somewhere?

  14. Bunnies!!!
  15. Anything that looks psychadelic, with lots of purple and flurescent orange.
  16. Brown Wolly Bugger
  17. Purple w/red or pink ..egg sucking leech. Wow with all these choices have you narrowed it down...I'm sure they are all good but if you are more specific in terms of where you will be fishing and when..I'm sure many will give you a better direction on what type of flies to tie. Good Luck :) :)
  18. Muddler Minnow
  19. GPs for winter and Spade for low water.
  20. The one that broke my Sauk river curse this morning-The Fur Biscuit-Named after a old cat I used to torment,that furry bitch,it's like a Intruder but with rabbit instead of pheasent.
    O.G. Intruder's, Exasperater's and the Boss are also fav's

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