Favorite Steelhead Pattern

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by oldfish, Mar 2, 2006.

  1. Pink Rubber Worm is Killer!!!!
  2. damn..he took mine! haha
  3. I was surprised no one had mentioned this one.
  4. I use them alot. Not rubber though. I dont know that it is my favorite fly, but it is a go to fly.
  5. back to likin the Umpqua Special, or a variation anyway
  6. trying to find this fly. witch spelling? Thanks, Jeff.
  7. The one at the end of your line. The week I was on the O.P. this last month showed that to me. Same river same runs, several hook-ups all on different flies. O.P. rivers big black flies. Profile is what it's about.
  8. If you get to southern Oregon (upper Rogue River) here are the patterns you want to load up on. All simple, all very effective.


    One other local fly is a 'take off' of the "Otis Bug" called "Agent Orange." Also very effective, especially for winter run fish.:ray1:

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