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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by luv2fly2, Apr 20, 2013.

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    what/when are your favorite thing to do of the year? mine are opening seasons andhunting and fishing them, harvesting game and wildlife, family get togethers, christmas, watching greatgrandkids in doing whatever, cutting lots of firewood(20-30cords) and getting out and enjoying whatever with whoever. mike w
  2. The Duke Been around

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    My favorite thing is my annual September fishing trip. Usually to Montana, but sometimes venturing out elsewhere. The low rivers and multitudes of hungry trout bring me back hungrily every year. Upon my return I am immediately in anticipation of what the next year is going to bring. I fish all year. A day here, a day there. But nothing compares to this trip. I count down the days until the next one.

    Oh and Halloween is pretty sweet, because we never get any trick or treaters, and I get to eat all of the candy.
  3. Old Man Just an Old Man

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    I don't need a dream trip to Montana, I'm already here. I just have to figure out where it is I want to fish. Two Blue ribbon waters with in 20 miles of my house. The others close by.
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    I like the start of the snow season, always hoping for big powder days early and a good base to start the season. I look forward to dry weather in the spring to get some golf rounds in before Summer is here and the courses are busier than i like. I like Summer time golf in flip flops. I really like the hikes up into high mnt lakes and having the sunshine from 6am to 9pm. It's really nice to have all day to play around and get lots of things done. I spend many Summer nites watching the sunset on local lakes. The days of working early and playing late are always goodtimes for me.
    Drinking ice cold beer while fishing for summer runs is not a bad way to spend the day. BBQ's with friends and family and bike rides with the kid.Riding my scooter around instead of the subaru is a nice change in the dry warm days of Summer. BRING ON THE SUNSHINE!!!!
  5. Jim Ficklin Genuine Montana Fossil

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    July & September in Montana, late-season Pheasants, and Fall in-general.
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    A warm summer day, on a small mountain lake....floating in my kayak, watching my wife of 43 years drifting around in her kayak...reading a book.

    That's when I really know, and truly feel, all is right in my world.
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    I'm also a big fan of the fall and my buddies and I plan our annual fall fishing trip in a different location every year...we've been in CO, WY, OR and this year takes us to the Boundary Waters in Northern MN, which will be a blast and a good change from the traditional trout fishing we've done.

    From the sounds of it, everyone's "favorite" revovles around fishing and/ or families and friends, not a bad way to go about it in my opinion.