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Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by woof, Nov 12, 2008.

  1. I'm seeking opinions on vises before I take the plunge. My fishing buddy has a Regal he really likes. What's your favorite tying vise and why? Thanks in advance for the input.
  2. I have only used two vices, well three actually. The first was a pair of forceps clamped to a block of wood. Effective, but primitive. The second was my current Dan Vise (and I got another to use as my travel setup so that I'm not learning how to use two different versions) The third was a regal at a tying class. All three worked for my needs, the forceps sucked for lots of use. I think I like the dan vise over the regal, but maybe that is because I've tried to tie so many flies on it.
  3. Nor-Vise. Why not start with the best?
  4. Tying vises as with any personal tool is all in the eye of the user. Instead of polling others on what they find useful you might instead go to fly shops and try tying on various vises in your chosen price range and pick the one that makes you happy. Another thing you might chose to do is read the very fine article on tying vises published here http://flyfisherman.com/ftb/hwvise/index.html
    and then go to the fly shops and try those makes and models that seem most suitable for what you want to tie.
  5. I sure do love my Dyna King Jr. Barracuda.:thumb:
  6. Regal rotary, not true rotary, but great for being able to from a huge wadinton shank to a 22 midge with no adjustment.
  7. renzetti traveler, its worked great for me so far. Had one tension screw break, but its an easy fix.
  8. I love my renzetti traveler, however I'd like to get a nor vise
  9. Love my Regal, just for the ease of putting the hook in it, but it's not a full rotary. I picked up a Dan Vise recently and it's sweet, especially for the price! Great travel vise and is a full rotary vise!

    I want a NorVise eventually, but don't need it at the moment! I've used it enough up at my home shop to know its da bomb! I do have the NorVise bobbins and they rock! :thumb:

    Do a search on vises and you'll get tons of info! This topic has come up more than a few times...
  10. I have used the Danvise, Renzetti traveler, and a regal. I now have an HMH spartan. This vise has been the absolute balls. Love it. It is by far the most rugged of all vises I have used and even seen. I tie everything from size 24 midge to 3/0 steelhead flies on it. It is well worth the money.
  11. I tied up 100 woven flies for a fly shop. The first ten were tied on a stationary vise. The next 90 were tied on a Nor-vise. The Nor-vise is great for making the bodies. Just insert the hook and spin the vise and away you go. The other way is to wind the thread by hand. One wrap at a time.

    I would recommand the Nor-vise. If you want to spend money on a vise get the best.

  12. Love my dyna king. In MHO the best vise for the $$ is a Regal. My only strong preference is to go with a pedestal base, they're much easier to move around and you don't have to worry about ruining tables.
  13. My favorite vice is drinking beer. ptyd

    Oh, ummm, yea vise not vice! :hmmm:

    I use a Norvise currently. I have a Traveller and a Regal. I use the Regal with big hooks as it holds hooks really well. I haven't used the Traveller since I got my Norvise a few years ago.

    As far as selecting a vise, I agree with the recommendation that you try several before purchasing. It is a personal preference and relates to the type of flies you tye.

    Dr Bob
  14. I really like my Dan-vise I'm using now. For the cost it's hard to beat.
  15. regal...bulletproof...:beer2:
  16. iagree..regal rotary tough as nails
  17. iagreeiagreeiagree Regal....I have 2, dont use the Renzetti anymore, Regal holds hooks the best!!I started tying on the stationary one, then got the rotary.They are the shit!
  18. Favorite all time - Cabelas super AA vise. Paid 9.99 for it. Actually paid 9.99 off of a gift card from my pops for it. I tied over 3,000 flies on it before I killed the c clamp for it. Vise still works but I hate the pedestal. That's like $0.003 per fly investment. :thumb:

    I have a HMH spartan on order and am currently using a dan-vise knock off loaner. If it wasn't a loaner, I toss the thing in a dumpster.
  19. Check out the DynaKing Supreme or Professional. Its not a rotary, but you can turn the fly to other positions as well as change the angle of of the jaws to the position you prefer. They are great vises.
  20. Thanks to everyone for the advice and opinions. I know that to an extent, the choice is a personal one, but since I'm new to tying, gathering opinions provides a starting point. Thanks for the link to the vise buying guide and review. It was helpful.

    For those of you have tied larger flies on the Dan Vise, how well does it work with the auxiliary attachment?

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