Favorite winter steelhead patterns.

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by Panhandle, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. I call this one 'Decent'

  2. Nice _WW_, I find myself using black and blue alot these days.
  3. Like swinging spoons - with a spey rod. :)

  4. I used to carry my bugs in a plano type box. After dumping them for the umteenth time I changed over to a different style of box but not before taking advantage of them laying on the snow one day.....


    Been playing around with tubes:


    but I really like the way Dees wings look in the water

  5. I'm with Yard Sale. Reverse Marabou is slick 'n easy.

  6. are those hackles from Amherst tail? how do they move underwater?
    looks very nice.
  7. Very nice guys!

    Here are a few of my go-to's. Not pictures is a blue, purple, and green version of the low-pros on the right. Those speys are also my main patterns and colors for the CW. Between those two and the one not pictured, a lot of CW water fish saw the rocks this past year. Ralfish, I really like that bottom Dee!
  8. i really like that top left tie.
  9. Thanks for the comments guys, the feelers are Amherst and move just fine
  10. View attachment 38879

    All the 45 minute flys on the top are lost to the rocks...but they were good for beta testing.
  11. I've been geeking out on intruders this winter. Been dying my own grizzly, rhea and amherst too which has been fun. They have a great profile, a lot of movement and look perdy too. At least it gives me something to do when I can't go out and fish, and I also don't end up with a crap ton of flies that I'll never have the time to use.

    I was previously all about the bunny leeches, but it's been fun playing around with the intruders. At least I know I can whip out a bunch of leeches in a hurry if I need to.
  12. ooh... nice!
  13. Rick, thems are dirtay! I like.
  14. Rick, Now I've seen it all...a bead with jungle cock!

    Do you swing it?
  15. nice ties ralf...you should probably know though that the state of wa. considers beads flies...while most other states see them as gear fishing with a fly rod in an attempt to access fly only water. Funny how I found that out from an old timer from Or. out on the coast this weekend...wanted to see what I was fishing and saw an orange prawn and let out a sigh of relief...Think stew is bad about wanna be's , should have heard this guy....

    Even heard from a guide on the OP that swung flies don't catch steelhead out there....so this culture is cultivated and the gear guys continue on with their quest to give all of us swing flyflsherman a bad name....

    Funny how once we were famous for so much in fishing a fly for steelhead in this state....So many names and famous flies....now ask a question about how to catch something and some gear guy with a flyrod will tell you what color bead to use....

    I'm embarrassed and refuse to fish or acknowledge anyone who uses that method.....
    Thought it was a joke at first and now after fishing out on the coast a few times and realized we were the only ones swinging....and having some big fat lard ass guide plop his guys with beads in front of us...and have to listen to the shop guys tell us how bad it's gotten and how Fly guys are considered the worst fisherman on the river because of this kind of bullshit...

    So when someone asks about what flies to use on this board, expect the losers to chime in with their bead bullshit...sorry if I passed this site on to you brother....very sorry...
  16. Dude, chill out. Doesn't matter what you fish, its how you fish. That and Karma....
  17. So, since I swing 98% of the time but nymph or use a bead the other 2% when conditions call for it, I'm a loser , low life? Oh, and you wouldn't acknowledge my existence as a human being..LOL!

    I think I would enjoy fishing with you.
  18. It is all gear. Presentation is a matter of personal preference and there is no one right or wrong method so long as it is within the rules and regulations. Find your own path to fly fishing enjoyment.

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