Favorite winter steelhead patterns.

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  1. _WW_ best post of the year award.
  2. WW, that is sure a decent fly, I'm hoping that someday you will give me one just to piss kerry off.
  3. Package of black and or purple bunny, Package of owner ssw size1 hooks, package of 6,8, or 10 beads of your choice(optional), 17lb P-Line, pair of dr slick mitten clamps and some superglue. Snell the hook then tie a blood knot however long you want your leech and poke a hole 1/2" from the end of the bunny strip and poke the hole with the hook eye cleaner and thread the line though down to the knot and superglue the it together. slide a bead down the line and poke the end of the rabbit strip through your hook. It may sound tough and time consuming but I assure you it is extremely simple and you will never have to tie a fancy intruder again...or any winter flies for that matter. If you want more weight add split shot in front of the bead or in the section behind the blood knot. adjust weight for desired depth. VWALLAH! no more tying at the vice...yes!
  4. Hey, let's do a winter steelhead bead swap!:beathead:
  5. K I just picked up a bunch of these off Craigslist they should work great!

    View attachment 39014

  6. Yep, those will work. Just have to clean the shit off them first.
  7. or you could throw this under an indicator like a couple buds did last year to experiment...these are hatchery fish and were promptly bonked...that said, these guys are die hard kamloop lake guys but was funny as hell that they got a few out of two different systems..just over the border...
  8. Great, now I need to tie some giant chironomids before the Hoh down
  9. Now THAT'S funny!
  10. why does this argument always come up? can we disagree about methods yet still fight for fish? i for one think we can multitask enough to argue about methods and argue about ways to save our resource.

    how far do we let the kumbayya crap go? no fighting for bait bans because we gotta get along with all gear types? i'm not willing to say we should all stop fishing over declining stocks, but our behavior while doing so says a lot about us. it seems many don't like the glare of that mirror.

    this isn't just about nymph vs swing. it's about how our sport is evolving in the face of not just declining fish runs, but declining opportunities.

    back to the question. i like something big and pink... or orange... or black. whatever i feel confident in at the time gets tied on... and lately it's been the mix of different colors that's been getting the grabs (from the flybox at least).
  11. How's that been working out so far?
  12. yes, we now have another reason for anadramous fish declines.... internet discussions on nymph vs. swing. it's now harvest, hatcheries, habitat, internet bulletin boards.

    the reason why sportfishermen do not all come together has a far more complex reason that disagreements over how to fish. there are legitimate disagreements over harvest and hatcheries. you can see when there is broad agreement on issues groups come together no problem (attacks on the commission, puget sound chinook plan).

    someone saying that beads under a thingamabobber isn't flyfishing has ZERO to do with declining fish stocks. i've been to a lot of public fisheries meetings, and i have never heard a nymph vs. swing argument.

    there is a large percentage of sportfishermen that just want harvestable fish, and could care less about wild fish or hatchery interactions. they put a lot of pressure on the decision makers. i for one will not join them on their crusade against wild fish restoration, and it's not because they don't swing flies.
  13. Are we arguing about arguing...:)
  14. Fishermen have never been known to argue before.

    Have they?
  15. Especially on a fly fishing forum. The basis and purpose of a forum is info and debate. What you're complaining about, and not just you, is the nature of a forum. Its a fly fishing FORUM people!
  16. "Yeah.. so keep your meat hooks off!" Just kidding...stole from the Movie "Stripes" when Francis or "Psycho" says..."And I don't like anyone touching my stuff...so if I catch any of you Homos out there touching my stuff...I'll Kill ya...so keep you meat hooks off."

    Actually that whole scene was awesome.

    "So keep your Bead hooks off" ...I know "lighten up Francis."
  17. I always liked "Shut your damn pie-hole!"
  18. God I love you folks!! good read, good read..

    Some of your mother's would be so proud. :)
  19. It would appear thats exacty whats happening,

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