Favorite winter steelhead patterns.

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  1. One of my favorites. No it isn't!
  2. Anything black and a little chartreuse has been good for me whether small or big,
    Swinging or nymphing ! There I said it have at it,
  3. it doesnt matter if you swing or nymph for steelhead that are fakes!
  4. What does that mean, Dustin? Not sure you have enough experience to tell the difference.
  5. I will take our many available wild fakes out here available 11 months of the year, compared to what has happened to the WA fishery which I used to visit every few years, no more. Further chartreuse and black works well in either locations. Below are wild Michigan steelhead planted from west coast in 1880s, no stocking on this river for a long time, all natural reproduction. River open all year and with an excellent wild king salmon and brown trout fishery. Spring run is just starting we are good thru May.
    You ought to try it some time.


  6. Oh snap. I would rather get a fake to move to an actual tied fly than drift a sphere of plastic into a "real steelhead's" mouth, but that's just my opinion..... Nice fish Hal! To the original question,... I like white and red in the winter, if that doesn't work black and red will.
  7. This what 100% of the winter fish I catch are caught on....
  8. James, that qualifies as a "confidence fly", doesn't it! Thanks for sharing that peek into the black and blue winter steelhead box.
  9. I have to ask...I've seen a couple guys on here post "the only fly I fish" for winter steelhead...and I wonder how many rivers your fishing? I've found for whatever reason, some rivers like certain colors more then others....I love that black and blue leech pattern...but have had no luck with that color blue...So of course it doesn't get fished as much...

    I've found that getting locked in one one pattern or color doesn't get me fish...running the gambit on flies for color, size etc. allows me to come up with patterns and colors that work in different systems depending on water clarity and height...Two things that seem to be way overlooked on here...

    I fished a system this weekend....this is my third day on that flow....I've tried many different variations of black..(my favorite color with purple, blue, gold etc. variations) and only caught bulls...I've scored on pink and orange...Not a confidence issue at all...just trying different sizes and colors to see what the fish are interested in..

    I know in Wallers book he talks about fishing a certain color or two when in "dirty" water..and it's not black so that's what's got me on trying new colors...

    Water clarity and height determine a lot when it comes to size of fly and color as well...as does how much pressure a system is seeing....So many variables it makes they tying that much more fun..so I wouldn't get locked down on only a couple flies...use as many as you can and you might find that some flows really like certain colors and some, not so much..
  10. I agree, Golf. Every river does have a color and profile that works over the season of changing conditions. Having exclusive patterns for different rivers is imperative.
  11. This is my usual go-to. Preferably fished under an indicator:

  12. Damn, I was going to say if I could fish only one fly for steelhead, it would be a Spade in different sizes for varying water conditions. Hard to imagine there might be a river where the steelhead don't favor it. I'm not buying it Pan and Gman.

  13. Have to agree with Salmo...
  14. Ok, its all pschological. So if you think one pattern works on all water or several. Believing us what works best.
  15. If you asked Dec Hogan what 3 flies he could have, if he could only choose three (this I learned by way of fly fishing radio) are;
    Spade (various colors) Marabou (various colors), and a muddler. I agree with Pan that different profiles and colors work better for different places. but if you haven't dialed that. I think these three patterns are the best way to go. (obviously not just talking about winter fish)
  16. What is a Spade? Is that a featherwing?
  17. Way more varieties of Spades on that site than I've ever tied!

  18. Dang, doesn't get much simpler than that.
  19. Steelhead have a brain the size of a pea. How complicated should a steelhead fly be?


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