Favorite winter steelhead patterns.

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by Panhandle, Feb 10, 2011.

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    Well it doesn't have to be more complicated than this :)

  2. golfman65 Guest

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    Sorry but I call bullshit..Ralf I've seen your box(s) you got more ties then just about anyone I know...Simple..some..but more efficient in design to do the job your seeking..I would say more so...

    Salmo...I read your stuff but don't know where you fish or how many you've caught..so I'll leave it to your own experiences....Ralf I know is in the thousand + steelhead range...a few hundred on dries...so I can call bullshit on him as I've seen the journey through his boxes....

    A certain river up north seems to prefer an orange pattern...What did you tell me about that collar of blue?? Something about and Oregon color?
    I know I like black with variations and orange with combo's....IF I'm sitting on a river with 1-4 ' vis. depending on the flow....With the pressure I've seen as the day rolls on...I can see going through a few different patterns and flies....

    I'm talking winter steelhead here...I should probably add...Fuck if I can figure out anything that makes sense with them...so throw as much as I can....Summers are another story....Ralf would lead you down the dry path..if he could only fish one fly...but I think that's a lot easier when you've caught as many fish as he has....
    I'm a babe in the woods and am between wanting to catch as many as I can and kind of kicking it back and trying more traditional only flies....So for me...If given one fly for summers, yeah I would probably go green butt skunk and variations on tubes...

    Or of course you could stay with bait like above..though with gear I prefer a big junk of stinky roe or bags to a single egg...when I was still fishing that shit..
  3. Ed Call Mumbling Moderator

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    Spey Pride, is that your "bracelet"?
  4. Charles Sullivan dreaming through the come down

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    The more I fish, the less I think that the fly makes a difference.

    Lead works better than flyfishing though.

    Go Sox,
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    Common Paul I say orange because everyone else up here thinks it has to be about 6 inches long and pink...hmmm

    nah, I'd rather huck my version of Decs Coast Orange cause I like the way it looks and swims thats all...If I listened to Art I would use nothing other than a black GP, go figure

    Dude if I tied only one fly it would get really boring....so I have boxes of them...they all work maybe not all the time, but they will at the right time. So I figure out a pattern and get a bunch of fish then I move on...these days its the fry pattern (you know the one or at least a version of it) as its fun fishing small stuff on top or at least near the top, light or no tip and still find what I'm after without beating my self to a froth trying to launch huge junk on bike chains...

    View attachment 39293 This little guy came to hand this evening at last light, on the little trout spey, just before the snow started...
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    Damn, that makes how many now on that pattern? I was hoping you'd put the chironomid in there though...lol!!!

    Glad to see that!!!

    boring and I would have run out of stuff to tie a long time ago as well....

    Think winter just gets to us all after awhile...get tired of the tips etc. going to put my delta on one of the reels and throw some smaller
    stuff if the water is clear.....

    so glad to see that fish..
  7. Rob Ast Active Member

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    Looks like a chum baby from that pic
  8. ralfish Active Member

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    similar but with differences...kind of funny really, as I have been working on this pattern for several years and had to laugh when I did see a ''chum baby'' and how similar it was to what I had/have been working on....