Federal Migratory Bird Stamp

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  1. So I purchased my hunting and fishing license online. Do I need to still purchase the federal migratory bird stamp?
  2. If you plan on hunting ducks, geese, etc covered under the federal migratory bird act the answer is YES. The lic. etc you are buying on line are only the state lics, stamps, etc.

    Tight lines
  3. In addition to the Federal stamp, you'll also need a state waterfowl stamp which is just a line item on the license itself.

    A small game license won't cut it.
  4. On my license the Washington stamp is a line item called the Migratory Bird Validation ($10.95)

  5. Unless I've misunderstood something or they changed something, you still have to go to the P.O. and buy your Federal Migratory Bird stamp.
  6. Exactly. It's a line item on your license.
  7. Itchy,

    You are correct. The Federal migratory bird stamp (duck stamp) can be purschased at any US Post Office.

  8. Ok...so the State Migratory validation is the line item...I still need to buy the Federal stamp...which can be purchased at the P.O.

    Got it thanks!
  9. An interesting piece of trivia:
    State game enforcement won't write you for not having a federal migratory bird stamp. If you don't hunt on land where there are feds to enforce the laws you won't be cited for not having a Federal Migratory Bird Stamp.
    Note to flaming net nannies: I am NOT encouraging hunting without a fed mig stamp. I am simply pointing out some interesting trivia. I purchase my stamp every year wether I hunt or not.


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