Feedback on FishCraft Tunnel Hull?

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by Scottpuck, Aug 1, 2012.

  1. The fishcraft is a basically a star wonderbug. Star rafts are on the low end of the spectrum and outcast/aire on the high end.
  2. Thanks, Shawn. That helps.
  3. :rolleyes:

  4. I know for a fact that the Star WonderBug is one tough raft... I can show you the rocky river and tough raft to prove it. :)
  5. Scottpuck,

    If you want to take a look or take a float with a Rocky Mountain Raft, we have it stored sometimes in North Bend.
  6. star rafts are good boats. You have to realize when you purchase one that I wont last more than ten years before the seams start to disintegrate.
  7. Your opinion... do you one one?
  8. giuded out of one on the ocoee. My 2 cents I would buy a cat or if a round boat a sotar or maravia
  9. @ ShawnK; are any inflatables going to last much more than 10 years? Properly used, that is.
  10. Well more actually. I owned an original Aire Ocelot that came off first productions of them. It was a 16' model. I beat crap out of it. Ran as cargo boat for whitewater crews on multiday trips. I sold it reluctantly at 17 years owning it and it was still going strong. So yeah they can last over 10 years.
  11. I have seen an avon and sunrunner(hyside) and an achilles that was out of a sub that are pushing 20+ years old that are in primo shape. my friend has an aire 14 ft raft that is twenty years ols so yes I believe you can get that out of a boat.
  12. Excellent. I'll be OK with 10 from my RMR, that's 110/year.
  13. I have an UDISCO from 1982 that is still functional and took a whitewater trip last year.
  14. You can't make a blanket statement about boat durability, there are too many variables at play. A few things to consider:

    Urethane boats probably have the best longevity, 20+ years if kept out of the sun and stored properly (ie. rolled and not folded to prevent creases). These are the spendiest (ie. Maravia and Sotar). I've seen lots of old urethane boats on rivers.

    Hypalon boats are also very durable. My father-in-law has a 20+ year old glued Hyside raft that is still going strong. Some Star rafts are Hypalon but it looks like the one mentioned here is vulcanized (glued) PVC.

    PVC boats range from cheap garbage (ie. $300 costco pontoon) to top-of-the-line Aire. Durability will be better for welded vs glued boats and for boats with thicker base fabric. Star PVC boats are mid-range quality and durability will come down to how they are stored. Kept in a partially inflated in a shady, cool environment and there will be no issues with glued seams.

    If cost was no object, I'd lean towards the PAC 1400 rather than STAR raft because of the welded seams on the Aire. Aire customer service is also top-notch and their warranties are very good. That said, my Aire catarafts have seen a lot of use (including interactions with rocks, logs, and concrete) and the material is holding up great, so I don't foresee needing the warranty any time soon.
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  15. I have one of these in Blue. I LOVE it..

    I was bought used and has been an amazing boat for the Klickitat. Bounces off anything (big rocks, stumps) and paddles easy. The tunnel hull floats over small obstacles nicely as well..

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