Felt soles with studs or streamtread w/Alumibite?

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  1. 1st trip to the legendary North Umpqua next month and I'm trying to prepare for the legendary slippery wading. I have Simms boots with streamtread soles and alumiBite star cleats that work well here in CA. Was wondering if I should err on the side of caution and add a different stud (carbide or spike type) to my old felt soles as a back up? These old felt soles are just that, felt; can one add studs to them?
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    I was warned of the "End all Apocalypse" of Wading the N. Umpqua. You will die!! You will be swept downstream and crushed!!!!! You will........

    Forgot to put studs in my Simms Streamtread Guide Boots. Forgot my wading staff. Said Screw it and went anyway as I was already geared up and walking down to a swinging run when I thought about the above.

    I didn't have any problems wading. Hit the fly only section first, and fished down stream farther in a few other places picking pockets. The only time I ate it was working my way down a super steep embankment to the river. No troubles the rest of the time. I have waded a lot worse.

    If clarity is off you could have some troubles, but overall I felt ok with streamtread and no aluminum. With Aluminum you will probably be even better. Good luck, water was good for me at the beginning and then some rains blew it all out. Had a grab of something under the bobber, no love on the swing. Pretty river though.
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    Sounds like you are pretty well set up for any river. Aluminum is the ultimate grip for slippery rocks. All the other options are not as secure. Go with confidence!
  4. Thanks, guys. I feel more confident now. May get some HardBite screws and add those, Fly Shop in Welches claims a combinationof screws/star cleats is the ultimate and my cleats are wearing down a bit after about 30 days of use.
    I used only 1 pkg for both boots and worked great.
    I got a guide for 1/2 day and cabin for 2 nights so if the stars line up I'll get a couple days in on the river,or maybe more.
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    Don't mix the steel and aluminum. Just go with the aluminum only.
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    Don't mix the steel and aluminum. Just go with the aluminum only.
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    The Klamath is worse, imho.. You should be fine with what you have.