Fenian T.E. Pryce-Tannatt AJ 3/0

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Mark Mercer, Feb 5, 2013.

  1. I thought this one had a neat color combo, so I gave it a try. Wing is a little big for the hook, but not too bad and I used a hook I've tied on before which was a mistake....I didn't realize the hook was
    so bad before I tied it...Oh well. I'm running low on some things, I guess I'll have to stock up.
    It's a Irish pattern and I found it interesting. Hope you like it

    Here's the other side....just so you know I don't tie on just one side of the hook. Ha!
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  2. I keep telling you guys, if you're going to continue to tie defective Atlantic Salmon fly patterns you may as well send them to me. Hell, I'll even pay the postage! :)

    Okay, so what's wrong with the hook? You guys are a bit like Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory... kind'a nit-picky.. :p
  3. That's a real beauty, Mark. I could have used it on the Satsop yesterday.:eek:
  4. Thanks Gene and Jack for the nice comments.

    Gene, if you look closely behind the tag you can see where the old tag was, just doesn't look too good and I should have seen it.

    Jack, from the pictures of the steelhead you caught yesterday.....you certainly didn't needed it. Nice one!
  5. You guys tie some beautiful flies. Thanks for posting them up here. Its' nice of you to share your talent.
  6. Thanks for the kind words TD, I like trying to tie these things, I guess it's the challenge to get them as good as I can.
    I like posting them because if I didn't, they would just sit in my tying room stuck in a piece of styrofoam and no one would ever see them, so I'm glad you like them.
  7. Mark, how long does one of those take you?
  8. Hey Kelvin, good question but no real answer. It depends on the fly and how complex it is. I think the fastest one I've tied was probably about four hours, but everything went right, which seldom happens, and wasn't a real complicated pattern. I spend a lot of time redoing things, sometimes over and over to get them as good as I can.

    As you know, so much depends on the quality of the feathers and the materials you have to work with. I usually tie the body one day maybe two to three hours, then finish it the next day, but sometimes they will sit for awhile before finishing. I think those who are really good at these can do them faster than I, but I don't do them as often so I still struggle a bit.

    Anyway Kelvin, see how much fun you're missing out on?

  9. That is very nice - I like the color combo too - lots of nice Irish patterns out there, I am discovering.
  10. That is a sweet tie. Wish I could tie like that. Maybe one day...
  11. Thanks Michael and Big_E, I'm glad you like it.

    Big_E, As talented of a tier as you are, you shouldn't have any problem learning to do these. I think you would like the challenge, they're definitely a different animal but they can be very satisfying.
  12. Very nice Mark. If I have the patience, I would volunteer to watch sometime!
  13. Larry, you wouldn't want to watch....... it would be unbelievably boooooring! But thanks for the comments buddy.

  14. THAT is an absolutely gorgeous work of art! Thanks for sharing.
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