Fernie, BC Camping Suggestions?

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  1. Hi,
    I am heading up to Fernie, BC in mid-august and am hoping for suggestions for a place to camp. I have not found much in my maps or guides. I am taking a tent trailer and prefer state type parks to "RV Parks" so any suggestions in the Fernie area would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Funny I have the same question. Heading up there this upcoming week for a few days and then onto Calgary. Let me know if you find anything out.

    I'd try the BC Provincial campgrounds since they typically are pretty good. I'll be poking around their website in the next day or so.
  3. Hey guys,

    We were just up there a few weeks ago and we camped while there. The Mt. Fernie Provincial park was fine but usually full by the time we finished our fishing day...we camped in the overflow parking lot. When you are fishing 12 hours/day, the campsite was not big deal. The cedar forest at that park was no big deal when you live in Western Wa, but it was pleasant.

    There was a nice, pine-treed campground with good space between sites up in Sparwood. It is run by the town of Sparwood. That campground is about 1/2 hour upriver from Fernie. We saw two standard "RV campgrounds" around Fernie which would be convenient to the guides and fly shops but not very rustic.

    Enjoy the trips! The fishing is well worth the drive. Don't forget some big green and gray drakes - size 8 would fit the bill. :eek:
  4. There's a fine meadow for camping beside the upper Elk River a mile or two upstream from Elkford. It's reachable by a dirt road on the e. side, through the sawmill property across the bridge from Elkford.
  5. Believe me, I love camping almost as much as I love fishing.
    But the great thing about Fernie is the hostels. There are at least two in town, one on the main highway "something de sol" or something is the name of it. 20 bucks a night, a pool, hottub, TV, and best of all, there is always a different super hot chick from New Zealand or Australia working the front desk.
    I was fishing the Elk every year between 01 and 06, I just loved it up there. But be aware, and maybe it's changed since then, there was a very real problem about vandalism on the river directed towards vehicles/boats with out-of-town plates, mostly Montana. I know of two rafts that were slashed, and multiple vehicles that were trashed. I think it was back in '02 that the Elk was the recipient of two major magazine articles, and the river became 1000% more popular. The locals were pissed. I hope all of that has changed.
    Good luck!
  6. Thanks for the suggestions. The Mt. Fernie Provincial Park looks like a good option in Fernie. Looks like some good water to explore and we may wander up a little farther into Alberta to check out the the Crowsnest as well.
  7. The campground in Sparwood is called Mountain Shadows - phone: 250-425-7815. They have tent sites at the far end of the campground (sites 41 - 45, I believe). I have stayed there a couple times. Although it seems to have changed ownership and gone downhill a bit in the last year, it's still only $15/night, and the showers, etc. are a welcome addition at about day three of a week-long trip. Plus, it's a pretty central location if you're planning to head into Alberta.
  8. Thanks for the information. I hope to make it that far tomorrow. I will report on how the fishing is!


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