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Discussion in 'Rod Building' started by Ethan G., Jun 10, 2009.

  1. I'm building a Steffen S-Glass 8'6" 5/6wt. for someone here on the site and I thought I'd do a step-by-step of the whole process.:thumb:

    OK, here's the starting materials:
    -Steffen Brothers Custom Fly Rod Blank
    -BUL5 reel seat with a custom turned cocobolo insert
    -Custom turned fighting butt and full wells grip
    -Hopkins and Holloway guides
    -Chestnut Persall's Silk wrapping thread for main wraps
    -Black Persall's Silk wrapping thread for accent wraps


    Next update coming soon: Handle assembly...
  2. Have you ever built one of the Steffen Brothers blanks before? I was told they are one of the nicer glass blanks out.

    Looking forward to seeing the pick as you go. Should be a sweet rod when its done.
  3. I haven't built on one previous to this, but I had always wanted to. It's an excellent quality blank. Superb finish on it and the action feels really nice from the initial wiggle.

    OK, update number 2: the handle setup.


    Next up: unfinished guide wraps

  4. I haven't fished with the glass rods much but I like building and test casting them. I'll have to give one of the Steffen blanks a try. I just started a lamiglas glass FL843 the other day. I start a post with some pics when I get it done.
  5. Can not wait to hear how this rod fishes!

    Might just be time to sell some graphite...
  6. A quick preview of the wraps and the overall theme of the rod.


  7. Looks great Ethan, I like the wraps you went with.
  8. Ethan,
    I know the individual very well who you are making this rod for. He is almost like family to me :rofl: It is looking great! I can not wait to see it complete.

    William Wallace
  9. Update: Just about done with the wraps and I'll start the epoxying tomorrow.
  10. Great job. I'll be interested to see how the silk wraps look with epoxy.

  11. Good looking build so far. I have that steffen in a 3pc version and it is a great fishing rod. very smooth casting and light in the hand. I like a triangle taper 5wt on it. will be waiting to see the finished product.

  12. The finished product: unfortunately the pictures suck. I couldn't get my camera to cooperate. Then again it's difficult to get close up shots with an auto-focus camera. Anyways, here's how it looks:

    Overview of the rod

    Old-timey folding hook keeper

    Stripping guide

    Ferrule wraps and snake wraps

    A bad shot of the tip top

  13. It sure turned out nice Ethan.

    If you do another glass build I have some of the old slip ring hook keepers like on the old bamboo rods and your more then welcome to have a few of them.
  14. Ethan,
    Great job. It looks beautiful!!! That individual will be very happy to fish it. If he doesn't I will pick it up from him. I would be proud to fish it.

  15. Got the rod on Sunday. What a job Ethan did. For a fiberglass blank I was surprised on how light the rod is. I have been so busy I haven't got to cast it yet but I'm going to tried Friday.
    I like the rod so much I might have to get another one down the road.
    I can't say enought about Ethan, and the work on the rod.
    Thanks so much!!!!!!

    P.S. I will let everone know how it casts and fishies when I get out.
  16. Hi l!
    I've just visited this forum. Happy to get acquainted with you. Thanks.
  17. I'll bet you'll end up loving this rod. I've built 3 rods on Steffen fiberglass blanks, including an 8'6" 5/6wt 4pc, and love them all. The 8'6" 5/6wt 4pc has become my most fished rod over the last 2 years. I've caught a lot of trout in the lakes in eastern Washington with it, including some big ones, and it does great at protecting light tippets, but still feels good with small fish as well. Great rod!

    My 8' 3/4wt 3pc Steffen is my favorite light trout rod and is just pure fun on some smaller headwater rivers and big creeks in north Idaho and northwest Montana.

    Good stuff!

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