Fiberglass get together

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  1. Jeff, love to have you!, with any luck, your rod might be ready for pickup then too.

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  2. I have it on my calendar, and will have a few modern glass rods for your casting pleasure.
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  3. If you're bring'n a Morgan, I just want 2-3 minutes to look to at it - and, maybe, watch you cast it. I won't touch it.
  4. The Morgan, to be cleat, should be in my hands in a week. It is a Morgan blank built by Matt Leiderman. It's a 7'6" 5wt. I will bring it assuming I have it.
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  6. Ahh, dang it. Annual family trip to the Okanogan County Fair that weekend. I have the worst luck on cool fly fishing events. :mad: Somebody post some pics following.
  7. What better way (almost like going fishing) to spend a nice sunny day than to enjoy it casting some absolutely wonderful fiberglass rods, old and new. Great bunch of guys there too. Thanks Gary for making it happen.

    PS I hope one of the other attendees will have some better photos.

    DSC01995.jpg DSC02001.jpg
  8. That was a seriously good time! It was great to meet a few WFF members and to cast around 40 (?) rods. Some of those rods were amazingly good. Pretty much none were dogs, which was a surprise.
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  9. Guys
    I had a wonderful time. Tom, great meeting you. You brought some fabulous offerings. Easy to see why the Steffen 8' 4 is so popular. Jack, your 5 is like an old shoe, but still shiny. Those 7' Fenwicks are special. Great meeting new faces and there was a fine selection of rods.
    Gary, thanks for driving the bus, and the lasagna was awesome.
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  10. Like the rest of you, I enjoyed meeting great guys, eating well, and casting some sweet rods - old and new. I had never cast a Wojnici (and I've apparently never spelled it either), Steffen, new Tom Morgan, The Butter Stick, or the new cabelas CGT. Nice people and a spectacular sunny day! That was time well spent!
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  11. Jack (& others)
    The Fly Fishing Museum on the left coast is in Florence, Oregon. Well worth the stop.
    280 Nopal St, Florence, OR

    (541) 997-6349
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  12. All that glass and not a House of Hardy to be seen, too bad that I live so far away. I could have represented Hardy at the gathering.:D
  13. Those photos only cover about half the rods that were present. There were at least two Hardy rods: A current model 6' 2wt (or was it a 3wt?), and a huge vintage cannon that was like an 11' 8wt or something insane like that.
  14. Fourth rod in is a Hardy with a Hardy reel!
  15. I saw the Hardy reel, all my glass Hardys are dark brown. But then they are from the sixties.:D
  16. Gene brought an incredibly diverse collection, including a couple big guys. That 10.5' 7wt will make a man out of you.
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  17. I have a 10.5 foot 7 weight Hardy Invincible.
  18. Yes, that is the same beast of a rod Gene brought!

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