fiberglass love? how much your willing to pay for a fenwick?

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    check this thread out... some fenwick fan out there?
    Currently, I have three fenwick, 703 JP yellow, 806 and 909. a lot of feels and wonderful to cast and fight fish... they all get their places along with all other graphite rods I have...will post some photos later..

    Fenwick 909... soft but strong, never have a chance to break this rod...
    striptt by markyuhina, on Flickr

    Fenwick yellow 703. 3 weight fenwick on 10lb carp, soft but still strong enough to land it. good feel in action.
    carp1 by markyuhina, on Flickr
  2. Not that much!!!!
  3. 9 bidders. Twenty something bids. The guy that won the rod has one bid. Snipper in action no doubt. - Sometimes rods catch anglers instead of fish. I've never paid that much for a rod.

    I usually wait until the marketing is obsolete before buying something new to me. In this case, the marketing was still working after all of these years.
  4. That makes me feel pretty good about my recent $50.00 purchase of a Fenwick glass rod.
  5. Ha... it only take two to play! if both bidders want that particular rod that bad... the price will skyrocket...
    No need to feel bad about this guy... I have some particular glass rods that I will pay that price for it... but not this one though...
  6. for a collector that is a good buy. The rod is rare and in perfect condition with the original sock and tube. Not for me though. I love my Fenwick glass.
  7. Wow! I'd sell all my glass Fenwicks combined for that amount. However that is a very uncommon model. Still, someone must have wanted to complete a collection really badly.

  8. That's crazy money for that rod even if you're a Fenwick collector.
  9. The used 9' Boron X in good condition that I just bought cost me $80. The seller was asking $85, and said "No" to my offer of $75. I think this rod was produced during the early 80's.

    My 6 wt 9'9" Iron Feather (graphite) was part of a package deal with an older Orvis Battenkill LA, with an extra spool. One spool loaded with a WF floater and the other with a Cortland Clear Camo Intermediate. Everything was in good condition, for around $200 (I think the price was $185, but I included estimated transportation cost for a face-to-face purchase, but I'll have to find my receipt to know for sure).

    My old (1964 or 65) brown glass Feralite ff 80, 3 1/2 oz. DT6F HCH, serial # B 9775, was around $35 new back when I bought it. I still use it occasionally, but not in the salt any more. Blank and wraps are still in primo condition, but the cork grip appears to be wrinkling, although it is still firm and solid. This is the rod that languished inside its sock and tube for 35 years without seeing the light of day, and then I started fly fishing again. It was there for me. This rod isn't likely to ever go up for sale as long as I can still crawl to some water with it.
  10. Jim,

    Nice post!! Love to read those stories... I am sure those rods are priceless! I have a rod from late 70', my friend bought it new, Fenwick 909, see the photo of the first post. He said, he used it once and caught a bass, then it back to closet for 30 years or so. One day, he decided to sell it. I bought it in 2009 Spring, It is like new condition. I can't believe my eyes when I saw the cork and the blank. It is just like a new rod. The second day I went out caught a 12 lb hybrid striper. It was my 3rd cast, after 30 years in the dark closet, this rod fight the fish like no body's business... is that amazing or what?! Now, the rod is back to another friend who live very close to the original owner. (because I moved out of striper waters) I am sure it eventually will get back to the original owner's hand... Those fiberglass rods are just pure joy to fish! I have to admit, I have gone through a full circle back to fiberglass. Just got a report from Kabuto rod from Japan, my new "ultimate" trout rod, Kabuto 805-3 should be here in the Spring!! : ) Mark

    last summer, we fished the demo Kabuto 805 in yellowstone, very impressive rod indeed. see video
  11. The secret with these old Fenwicks is to store 'em in a rod case for 30 - 35 years, and then bust 'em out into the clear light of day, and let 'em shine!
  12. exactly... let me shine and let other fisherman drool : )
    Just received this one from the Santa... how exciting!!
  13. I have an old Feralite FF908 that was given to me by a coworker of my wife. It sat in his garage since I'm guessing the 70s unused. Came with a dirty old Medalist that I plan on cleaning up and using when I get the chance, but until then I have a Cabelas reel on there. My hope is to use it to try out steelheading here on the east side this winter.

    I also have an old 8' glass rod that my father-in-law gave me. All the markings are rubbed off, so I have no idea what it is. It seems to cast pretty well with a 5wt line, though. I think it'll make a nice small stream and/or bluegill rod.

    Finally, I also have an old eagle claw 8' 6wt rod that was the first fly rod I ever bought as a kid. I learned to fly fish with that thing. It's just a cheapie that I bought at a department store with allowance money or something, but I'm glad that my Dad saved it and gave it back to me after I was grown.

    Somehow I've managed to inadvertantly amass a nice little collection of fiberglass fly rods. It was an accident I swear!
  14. Hey ad,

    Nice story! I always enjoy reading those! Thanks.

    I am sure the collection will grow... the steelhead plan reminded me a wonderful thread a friend posted a while back...

    I think you will enjoy it.

    The fiberglass are "technically" more difficult to present the fly to the fish, particular in the windy and big fly condition. But the "fun part" after hooking the fish is the real force keep driving me back to fiberglass rod! : )
    I am converting every trout rods to the fiberglass category... since I don't fish big fly on trout water...

  15. I may have had the same rod and I bought it under similar circumstances however mine unfortunately disappeared sometime after I graduated college. You don't know how often I wish I still had that rod today.
  16. I almost bought that same rod, or whatever the current iteration of it was back in '64, but the Fenwick was in the rack right next to it. The Eagle Claw was about 8 bucks cheaper than the Fenwick, but I opted for the Fenwick anyway. I was making over 50 bucks a month mowing neighbors' lawns, and feelin' pretty flush.

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