Fiberglass switch and spey rods

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by John Wallace, Jun 18, 2014.

  1. There is a lot of buzz going on, on another site as Echo has said they are doing switch and spey rods in fiberglass. There should be more about it in mid-July. I can't wait. I saw that they are making the switch in I think 3 thru 6 weight and the spey's 7 thru 9wt. Should be fun!
  2. I too have been watching for these. Having not thrown a glass two-hander before, I'm unsure whether I'll like it or not. Of course, the moment I tossed the Echo glass and Butterstick, I knew I needed maybe I just won't touch it. :D
  3. I have a 11' 6/7 switch that was made from a old 1980 fiberglass blank. I love it, it sure was fun with the Pinks last year. That 3wt for trout sure sounds fun to me.
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  4. This is awesome. I can see a 7wt spey making its way into my quiver. I'd love to get my hands on a Fiberhammer, but I missed the boat on that one and it seems that the folks who have them aren't giving them up anytime soon.
  5. speyco has a 12' 6wt glass spey rod, if you do not want to wait
  6. I know, that thing has been mocking me for quite some time...
  7. what are the supposed advantages of a glass spey/ switch rod?

  8. Are you doing research?
  9. no I am just curious what people think a fiberglass rod of that length will do for them..
  10. probably for the feel and for the hell of it. same reason people buy burkheimers. neither make you cast farther or catch more fish.
  11. Check out Dave Henry and his blog twohandedtrout. I've fished with he and his wife, both using glass switch rods, and they are a hoot.
  12. thats because you need a meiser to catch more fish and cast farther
  13. Dunno about glass switch/spey rods because I don't have one yet, but with my SH glass rods, it's the big smile that I get on my face when I cast with them and catch fish with them. It's 13% larger of a smile than what I get with graphite. 13% is worth it, plus I laugh more because of the pure fun of fishing with that material, so overall my psychological well-being is greater than when fishing with any other material.
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  14. Me too. The only graphite rod I own right now is a 14' 9wt spey. All my other rods for trout or steelhead are fiberglass or bamboo. For me it is the casting but nothing is better then to feel the fish fight on fiberglass or bamboo. I will be interested in the 3wt switch and 8 or 9wt spey.
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  15. Lots of rods but the 11' 6/7 sees the most water. A total joy to cast.
  16. Rob Allen said. "what are the supposed advantages of a glass spey/ switch rod?"

    There are no real advantages other than the fact glass bends deeper and therefore subdues a fish quicker.

    The soft casting quality of fiberglass also makes them interesting. The lighest rods aren't always the best rods, in fact I think the light stuff sucks because it can't match the old thick tip stuff.

    C.F. Burkheimer might think about it. The rods won't be lighter but they might be really good fishing tools.
  17. What about hybrid glass/ graphite? Thsts what my tuna rods are and I love it.

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