Fiberglass vs graphite

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    As someone already pointed out. You don't have to spend a lot to get a decent glass rod. I bought a minty Fenwick not long ago, for a very reasonable price. Many of the vintage glass rods are selling for under(or just a bit over) $100. The popularity has driven the price up, but it's nothing like cane prices. Here's a couple links to browse when you get the time

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    Fiberglass and graphite both have there place in fly fishing... Fiberglass is not "cheap" anymore, there's a lot of good glass out there today. For small to medium streams, fiberglass can be a wonderful material. That's not to say that I will fish fiberglass exclusively. I have a few graphite trout rods that I feel are practical in more situations than fiberglass. Both materials can be developed to achieve the actions one desires.

    The trend in graphite, though it is not always the case, is faster and more technology... this turns off a lot of people, not all though. Fly fishermen want rods that fish on the stream... not cast the whole line in a parking lot. The new fiberglass fly rods are designed by fishermen, they won't win over the entire fly fishing community. They will be suited for small to medium water and perform well.

    All the materials have their place. I fish bamboo, fiberglass, and graphite. Each one is a little different in design. I wouldn't want to fish my bamboo with streamers or nymphs... the bamboo rods I own are outstanding dry fly rods for small to medium waters. The fiberglass rods I design are for small to medium waters, yet they will fish streamers, nymphs, and dries well... though graphite, in some cases, would excel over them. The extra length in graphite for distance and line control (mending) is something to consider when that is needed the waters you fish.

    Fiberglass is a capable material for fly rods, here's a 8'0"-#5 that can cast plenty of line, retain feel for the caster, and play fish with tippet protection and strength.
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    Reading this thread I hear the same thing being said, " I find my self using my medium and slower rods" instead of the faster rods. Seems like the more I fish the same thing for me. Glass and Boo seem to have a slower action most of the time. I had a Steffen that I fished and did not like it as much as I thought I might. I keep going back to my Sage LL's. The glass rods load nice, but I like the "feel" of a graphite stick. I guess fishing for years as a "bait chucker", I like the extra sensitivity I get from graphite. My one Boo has that graphite sensitivity, and loads so sweet, but I'm afraid to use it and have something happen to it.
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    Do any of you know where fiberglass spey rod blanks can be purchased? TIA
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    Go to the fishing rod section of Tim's site: He lists one 12' glass rod if you want a Spey. That said, the Guy who rolls these things (here in the US) MAY be able to make up anything you want. That said, hit the Lamigls web sit they (or did) list several short single handers.

    One other place to contact is Angler's Workship (Woodland,WA) you might be amazed at what they have sitting in their warehouse.