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  1. I have been thinking about adding a fiberglass rod to my arsenal just to mess around with. I know there is a small subculture of Glassholes on this site and was wondering if maybe I could get a couple of suggestions to start my search. I am probably going to be looking at something like a 4 wt for busting out when I am back home on small creeks making short casts. Any help would be great! Thanks!
  2. So what are your questions?

  3. Sorry I didn't specify, I was just looking for some decent brands/models in a 4-6wt.
  4. IMHO, for new factory-built rods, I'd look at offerings from Diamondglass, Scott and Steffan Brothers. For blanks, it's hard to beat Lamiglas. I had a friend build up a 7-1/2 foot 6-piece in 4wt that's an absolute blast to fish.

    For used, try any of the old brown Fenwicks such as the FF 766, a 7-1/2 foot 2-piece for 6wt. Perhaps the most common glass rods from the 1970s and early 80s, you can find them today for around $50 to $100 with sock and tube depending on the time of year you buy. Occasionally, you can find glass rods from more contemporary makers like Orvis or Winston or from makers who didn't survive the transition from the golden age of bamboo like Wright & McGill or Phillipson. Unlike the Fenwicks though, these rods are a lot more rare and thus command much higher prices.

  5. FWIW I got myself a Lamiglas Honey from another forum member. My first glass fly rod. Absolutely amazing tool. Won't replace all my mod-fast to fast sticks in more modern materials but this thing is a joy to cast.
  6. Mumbles - Glad to hear you like the rod I sold you!

    kosel80 - Kent's advice is right on in general. If you want to research the topic more, check out the Fiberglass Flyrodders forum:

    In particular, there is a wiki that catalogues current and past fiberglass rods, including a few mini-reviews. It's a good resource:

    Finally, FWIW if you already know you like "medium" action in graphite rods vs/ "fast", doing what Kent says and getting an old Fenwick is a good idea. They're a bit slower in general than some of the more modern glass rods. Modern glass rods made of "S-Glass" (slightly higher modulus glass) will be slightly quicker and thus easier to make the transition from graphite. You'll still need to slow your casting down quite a bit, but it'll feel more natural. Look for Diamondglass, Scott, Steffen to fill this niche today. A few smaller makers also do it, and you can research that in the links above.
  7. Vintage fennwick's the feralite series the ff70-4 is a dream rod it cast as smooth as a Rolls Royce drives.Although I havn't driven a Rolls I have swang a FF70 and Im sure it's just as satisfying. Here's a great deal! Also, you can use a smaller line weight if distance isn't needed.
  8. Steffen Bros. and McFarland make some sweet casting rods. Steffen's website is way out of date, though. If you don't see the rod you want, e-mail him. More than likely, he'll be able to roll you the blank in whatever size and number of pieces you want.
  9. Wow I had no idea that there were so many many very expensive options!lol I have been looking at some of the Fenwicks though , probably around my price range. Thanks for all of the info, this should narrow my search quite bit!
  10. Yes, glass rods can range from $20 for a crappy old one to well north of $1,000 for a new one made by Wojnicki or vintage from someone like Russ Peak.

    Highest price I've ever seen was $4,050 for a Russ Peak sold on Ebay in 2008...a few months before the financial crisis. Russ Peak rods still sell in the $2,000-3,000 range. That guy was the Lyle Dickerson of glass rods before he passed away.
  11. Anybody tried one of the WW Grigg "Vintage Glass" rods? Sure they're cheap, but so am I. I don't get to have nice shit until I get some kids through college.

    The one glass rod I have hasn't seen much use, but that slow action can make for the softest presentations.
  12. Definitely check out the Steffen Bros. Mine is one of the sweetest casting rods I've layed my hands on...sweeter than any of my bamboo rods.

    oh, and as mentioned before, check out:


  13. ditto on, Mark is very helpful in figuring out what would best suit your needs.
  14. Not to be confused with Steffan Brown...

    BTW WTF does IMHO mean?
  15. IMHO=In My Humble Opinion

    WTF back at ya :clown:

  16. Old Fenwicks all the way baby!!!! You can find them somewhat inexpensively (depends on the model). Great rods. I love them to death. Maybe why I have over 150 fenwick glass rods. ;)

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