NFR final update on "da foot"

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Alex MacDonald, Jul 18, 2012.

  1. Alex MacDonald Dr. of Doomology

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    First, thanks to you all for bearing with my whining! The streams should be in decent shape by the time I see the surgeon on the 30th. I'm hoping then, that I'll be released to hit the trout, if only for mild wading. This means I'll be looking to take out the Watermaster and the Clack, on both the Yakima and the Methow.

    I'm walking a mile a day now, but I probably could do at least two with no ill effects. The tendons are still stretching into their final forms, and the foot aches from this, but I don't have that incredible pain across the entire ankle/arch area anymore! It appears that my fused joints have actually fused, and now the hardest part is maintaining the discipline required to stay in my chair, not jump into the Icicle and wet that new rod! I'm hoping I only have to behave for another two weeks...

    Thanks so very much to all of you who've offered to help me get out for boat fishing! This is coming closer to reality pretty soon, and I really appreciate your encouragement and kind thoughts! I'm truly blessed to have met so many wonderful friends thanks to our Forum, and an especial thanks to Derek for hauling the old man here down the Yak two days before the surgery. I owe you, Mr. Young!
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    Glad to hear it, man. You need to come fish with me on the green side of the hill...
  3. Rick Todd Active Member

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    Great Alex-you know you are always welcome to come float the Methow with me any time! Lets hook up this summer! Rick
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    Great news Alex! Keep up the progress1
  5. ganglyangler Bird Dogs and Fly Rods

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    Good deal! And just in time for bird season!
  6. Islander Steve

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    I was just going to say, "You'll be ready for grouse."