Finally, back on the water again ;)

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Billy McFly, Mar 11, 2013.

  1. Finally got out on the Yak yesterday. I thought it had been 15 years since I last cast a fly but my wife let me know it was more like 20….. I drove over to Reds, bought some flies and practiced casting upstream for the boat launch. Spent about 1 ½ hours up to my thighs in the Yakima just getting my stroke back. I did ok, no snaps or lost flies.

    I do have one observation/question. I have a WW Griggs 9ft 4 wt with a 4WF floating line. I used to use fiberglass rods. With this newer rod I could not feel much of the rod loading up on the back cast. I got used to it and did fine but as I recall with the fiberglass rods I had a better sense of the pressure building on the back cast than I do with this graphite rod. - Any thoughts?

    I can’t tell you how nice it was to be on the river again. I think next weekend I’ll try to find a spot on the upper Yak to dunk my fly ;)
  2. Good for you! How nice of your wife to remind you that it had in fact been that long ;)

  3. Yeah time flies faster the older you get and I'm getting old :confused:

    I have a lot of fishing to make up!
  4. I don't know about WW Griggs, but I can definitely "feel" the cast better on my Orvis TLS than my Scott SAS. The SAS gets better with a heavier line (RIO Grand).

    Perhaps a different line would flex the rod more? Perhaps try a few rods here and there to get a better style match?
  5. Glad you got out. I am not familiar with your rod, but suspect you are simply noticing the difference between a "fast" graphite rod and a "slower" fiberglass rod. Lots of different opinions here on both. You'll get used to the feel of whatever rod you use.

    Or, you could buy any of a number of slow action glass rods or a bamboo rod, or try a medium action graphite rod. Or, all of the above. If you are going to get back into fly fishing you might as well jump in with both feet - just don't forget your wallet.

    Have fun.
  6. Your not old.....................I'm the old bastard
  7. get in line, Jim!
  8. Thanks all - I'm going to switch to the Rio Grand line. The extra weight cant hurt but it seems to me it defeats the purpose of going with a 4wt rod to begin with.

    HAHA Pops - you may have a few years on me but I have a fake hip. :eek:
  9. Or try the Rio Gold. It is at the upper-end of the grain window for a 4wt but has more mass towards the front.

  10. Thanks RustE - I just ordered a Rio Gold 4wt. Cant wait to try it out - Thanks for the advice
  11. You may want to try a DT4 on it to slow it a little for you.
  12. How is your fake hip treating you. I hear about recalls all the time. My ex mother-in-law had that done also.

    I wonder how much longer that they will replace brains. I know some that could use a new one now.
  13. The hips great - Some days (after skiing or backpacking) it's the only thing that doesn't hurt. I did hold out for a metal on metal hip and so far no recall on the one I have.
  14. I have a buddy that fishes with a WW Gregg rod. He likes it. It didn't cost him an arm and a leg to buy it. To each his own on what works for each of us.
  15. Yeah - It's only a $125 rod. I have a heavier line on the way that I think will help. The more I fish the better feel I'll have for it.

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