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Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Brandon4455, Apr 16, 2014.

  1. Brandon4455

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    Well, after having a long stretch of errors with my log in i was finally able to reset my password and get back on, missed this forum as the content is usually a constant and not boring like a lot of other forums.
    Been fishing a bit since February spending all of my time on stillwaters. mostly chironomid fishing but a few fish on sinking lines and leeches. 3 different lakes, many species of trout!. here are some photos from late winter/early spring stillwaters (some photo credit to Sinkline, and some to my friend sam) been a good start to the year. 9 fish over 20 inches since february, and ive been to my backing quite a few times already!

    Brandon Carp fishing 052 (2).jpg 10013546_10203593723587887_268045778_n.jpg BTB10 (2).jpg 1957641_10203691331508024_1531387680_o.jpg

    Turner lake 14\' 065.jpg Turner lake 14\' 052.jpg Turner lake 14\' 050.jpg
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  2. Sinkline

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    What about this one Brandon. Aren't these your hands? :)

    Great job the last couple months Brandon. You've become quite an excellent stillwater trout fisher!


    Large stillwater meat-eating Bulls still can't pass on Chironomid larve/pupa!
  3. Brandon4455

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    thanks for the photo randy! i was looking for that one but my albums are all mixed up, currently re-arranging them for easier access to photos. thats my favorite photo of the year!
  4. Jeff Dodd

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    Welcome back and nice fish!
  5. McNasty

    McNasty Canyon Lurker

    great fish! there's something special about stillwater bulls. . .
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  6. GAT

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    I wondered where the hell you went.
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  7. IveofIone

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    Even a fish to match your gloves! That's super cool, good job.

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  8. johnk

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    Well done Brandon. Love the bulls!
  9. Irafly

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    Nice pics.
  10. Brandon4455

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    thank you all for the positive responses. Gene, it's great to hear from you as i haven't talked in quite a while! john, thank you, the bulls are awesome fish and the picture randy posted is my favorite fish by far the last season or two. it taped out at 24 inches. the fish was caught below the bobber on a #14 glass beadhead bloodworm pattern, the first and only cast ive made with that fly so shows promise!
  11. Bob Rankin

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    Welcome back! That's some good fish porn:)
  12. ceviche

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    I hate it when folks post out-of-state fish porn. Fo' sho' way better fishing to be found in Oregon, Idaho, Montana, etc...

    I gets sooooooooooooooo jealous!


    P.S. Very nice fish! Great job!