Finally, the hackle fad ended

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by GAT, Apr 10, 2014.

  1. Evidently it is no longer trendy for teenage girls to attach dry fly quality grizzly hackle feathers in their hair.

    I was able to finally purchase some Whiting dry fly quality grizz feathers.

    That was one crazy teenage fad going on there ... and it wiped out our prime chicken feathers. Let's not see any more of that!

  2. Just you wait. Next they'll be into earrings with tungsten beads and marabou, or they'll be wrapping their phones in colored wire, or they'll be gluing cdc puffs to their eyelids or some other stupid thing.
  3. You could be right. Now that they've discovered fly shops, gawd only knows what tying material they'll buy up next!

  4. But did you purchase it for a reasonable price??
  5. I've never purchased dry fly quality feathers for a reasonable price. I don't think there is such a thing. They're just chicken feathers and you don't even get a drumstick tossed in the deal.
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  6. It's been dead for about a year now! I made about $3000 selling a small portion of my inventory! I generally sold one feather at a time and got up to about $5 / feather at the end of the fad... check out Itchydog's (Kirk Werner) blog post about me and my little venture from a little over a year ago... I'm actually glad that its over for now!
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  7. I don't think that fad will come back. They found out there was a limited supply of the feathers so the price per feather keep going up and up.

    Besides... the feather in the hair bit didn't look all that great... for the price.
  8. What killed it is when the special snowflakes realized to get a patch of feathers, the chicken had to die...the horror.
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  9. The truth is this Hackle fad started as a retaliation for us buying up their
    Sally Hansen's.;)
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  10. And their beads...
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  11. I guess the moral is to have your wife check out at the craft stores so they don't
    get wise.
  12. We may need to resort to that if they're going to buy up all our expensive chicken feathers in retaliation! :)

  13. Would you please explain to me what's so stupid about gluing cdc puffs to one's eyelids?
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  14. CDC puffs have great attractive qualities, but are not durable enough for teenage drama, what with the crying, heavy eye makeup, and extreme, unwarranted angst. CDC, much like fathers, just can't handle that crap. That is why I suggest that teens and tweens glue more robust materials to their eyelids, like poly-yarn or popper bodies.
  15. Ahh, "teenage drama".......... My beloved daughter opted for the goth look and invested in mass quantities of black mascara. My wife and I would have preferred cdc puffs......

    God, I'm glad that's long ago.
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  16. I'm gonna start wearing dark glasses & a disguise whenever I visit JoAnn's Fabric store . . . just in-case . . .
  17. With the shortage of 22 cal you'd think young women must be tying them in their hair....but, of course, this time ... the enemy is us.

    I have to say the hackle shortage never really bothered me; I had a good supply and knew, with absolute certainty, that the fad would end. Novelty soon ceases to remain novelty.
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  18. Gluing CDC puffs to your eyelids might help keep your head above water if you fall in... maybe there's a practical purpose.

    Goth look or clown look... at this point I'm glad we didn't have kids :D
  19. I wonder what Whiting and Metz does with those dead chickens.... perhaps they are in cahoots with KFC????
  20. You know KFC doesn't use real chickens!!!
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