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  1. hedburner

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    Well finally after a year and some months of trying, countless trips, lost fish, grabs, pulls, hits, dozens and dozens of flies lost , rocks caught and brought in, logs, branches, trees, and the ocassional finger and thumb hooked. Sometime today around about 11:30 to 12 noon I finally landed a steelhead with flygear. Nice bright hen. I've wrecked my digital camera last week fishing, so very unfortunately no pictures. But I laid my rod against the fish and it went from the rod end to the end of the last wraps on the stripper guide. About 33 inches. Also I hooked and lost one but smaller about a hour before and some ways donwstream.

    All is right with the world today. :thumb:
  2. Old Man

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    Where have you been hiding at??????????????????????????????

  3. James Mello

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    WhhoooooHooooooo! Congrats hedburner!!! :) :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:
  4. papafsh

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    And it was worth every bit of it too, wasn't it HB :thumb:

  5. FlyShopKristin

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    :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:
  6. John Hicks

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    great job burner. congrats.
  7. Ryan Nathe

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    John, I love your avatar...
  8. archenemy

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    Too bad the chef quit...
  9. Ryan Nathe

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    I know I heard about that, I hope they still keep the chef character around...
  10. Ryan Nathe

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    Hedburner, Sorry for jacking your post. Great catch man, my first on a fly was something like 26" nothing like your 33incher. Congrats.
  11. MrP

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    :thumb: :thumb: TTU Baby!
  12. Ken II

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    Congrats brother, what river you land that hog in?
  13. Mingo

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    :thumb: way to go!
  14. hedburner

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    Wow, thanks for all the congrats! One more day for that river, I'll probably be down there again tomorrow. I still have 2 pink bunny worms left out of 2 dozen that I had 4 weeks ago, might as well leave the last ones in the river! And the next digital camera I get I'm going to keep it in a waterproof case.
  15. Porter

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    AAhhhh...GREAT JOB!!!! :) :)
  16. mike doughty

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    Call it a hunch but it had to have been on a small river between canada and seattle right? congrats., i hope to get my first steelhead with the fly gear this weekend.
  17. ceviche

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    Good on you 'Burner! The next goal is to catch one AND take a photo. You obviously had to catch this one without the infamous camera jinx. If you can do it, you'll have certainly attained a level of expertise beyond luck.

    BTW, it's been a while since I've brought my camera with me. It's a confidence building thing...
  18. WaFlyCaster

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    that is soo funny... the camera jinx is soo true... except my cell phone camera seems to be immune from the camera jinx... although its because it takes really really SHITTY pictures... when ever i have my nice digital camera so i can get great pictures...i seem to get skunked (at least for steelhead).