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    This summer's saltwater fishing has not even come close to meeting the high expectations I had leading into it. Mostly it has been a lack of fishing, but the days I have gotten out I have been stymied by wind, fog, and gated roads (closing the best kayak launch at neah bay).

    Yesterday started off a bit oddly. The weather observation site was down so no real time wind reports before leaving. I guess luckily I also couldn't find my fishing license after my last steelhead trip so I headed to Swain's to buy a duplicate license. The reason I say luckily is that I get a great view of the Strait as I drive north on Peabody Street to get there. It honestly looked a bit marginal wind wise.

    As I drove home I decided that I was going regardless. I needed to get on the water and at least check out one of my favorite spots. With the truck loaded I headed to the water.

    As I unloaded the kayak and got dressed I could feel the gusts building. I mumbled, "F#$%!!!" but continued getting rigged up. I paddled out and started fishing. It was blowing pretty good as I paddled out to the kelp surrounding the point.

    I fished a popper in the kelp as long as I could but the wind and the drift were making casting a floating head a little too difficult. I paddled to the water on the outside of the kelp and started casting a sinking head (water loading a sinking shooting head makes dealing with the wind much easier). The drift was quickly pushing me north into deeper water.

    The water started changing and I could tell I was in a nice rip even if the wind removed much of the rip's definition. The rip ran north-south which was perfect as my drift was almost true north. Twice I though I felt soft bumps but with the amount of salad in the rip I wouldn't say they were fish.

    As I was about to cast, reel up, and paddle back I felt weight. It wasn't anything big but it was a salmon. I quickly brought it to the side of the boat and released the 18-20 inch blackmouth. Not what I was looking for but a nice way to end the drought.

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    a little reward for putting in the effort - keeps you going back - well done!

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