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  1. I just finished building my first rod. Short of a couple issues, I think it went well. All but one of the guides came out well. The one problem I had was using the finish epoxy over the area between the hook keeper and and intermediate wrap where I had written on the blank. But when I put the finish on the blank to cover the writing when it dried it is a little wavy. I read that was usually caused by to much epoxy, but I was really careful to not get a lot on the blank. I sanded the first coat with 1500 wet dry to smooth a little and put on a second coat. I put on a very thin coat and made sure it was as even as possible, but still have a few uneven spots. Towards the wraps and in about an inch in it is smooth. So wondering if the epoxy has a hard time adhering to the bare blank? Should I scuff the blank with 0000 steel wool in the future?

    I used flex coat and it was on a rod dryer when applying and to dry.

    Any tricks to line up the guides? That seemed to be one of the hardest things, and keeping them straight once they were lined up.
  2. Every blank that I use I make sure to wipe down and clean before I start anything, you would be surprised at what comes off of a factory blank. When I apply a finish to the blank I use more then I do on a coat of thread. It is able to stick to the blank and level out better then a thin coat especially if you are using High build. So you might not have enough on the first coat for the epoxy to level. The way I line up the guides is Bore sighting them. Using the reel seat to the stripper then stripper to the next guide and so on. Also if you have good above lighting in your building spot when you get the reel seat pointing up you will have line on the top of your blank that as long as you are looking down at your rod it will make a straight line the length of your rod. The more you do the quicker you can line them up. As for keeping them straight I went to the doller store and picked up a bunch of hair bands and beads. Push the bead over the band and use the loop for holding them in place and then pull the bead tight to the blank.
  3. "Should I scuff the blank with 0000 steel wool in the future?"

    No... It will stand out like a sore thumb after you add the epoxy. Just wipe it down with rubbing alcohol. But I don't think that's your problem with the epoxy being uneven. Make sure you have more then enough on the blank and let the rod do the work. you will see it sag and level it's self out. Just take your brush and remove excess epoxy and level it out from the bottom.
  4. Thanks. I am in the process of building another one, so will give it a try.
  5. I've been struggling with getting clean epoxy wraps for several rods, including the one I'm in the process of completing now. I followed this advice on some uneven wraps I had to clean up and wow, what a difference. I've been so intent on getting a low-profile wrap i wasn't using enough epoxy to get the job done.

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