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  1. Old406Kid Active Member

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    Does anybody know if Montana Kickers are still being made/marketed?
    I bought a Cumberland float tube w/fins to leave in Billings but not
    overly impressed with the fins, the heel is too narrow for my wading boots
    and like the Kickers better overall. Also opinions on the Outcast fins as a second choice.
  2. Kcahill Active Member

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    I have a set of outcasts, they are REALLY nice if you need\want to leave your wading boots on. You will be the slowest guy on the lake though.
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  3. Topstoy Member

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    How much do you want for them? I have a couple pair and could always use extras for when friends come over to fish.
  4. Steve Kokita FISHON206

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    Can't beat Force fins....spendy but well worth the $$
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  5. Kaiserman content

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    Maybe, but just think of all the calories you burn with regular fins, and the exercise... Oh who am I kidding?! I WANT FORCE FINS!!!
  6. Steve Kokita FISHON206

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    I've had four other brands of fins.....I'm cheap but Force fins out performed all of them hands down! One trip at Merrill lake the wind was howling away from the launch, my dad who is 32 years older than me made it back (w/Force fins) and I had to get out and walk back through the bushes at night....I bought Force fins the next weekend! I use the stocking foot model, and can creep forward with them. Once and awhile you can find used ones.
  7. Jeff Cheng Jeff Cheng

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    Saved up and finally got a pair of force fins from Nick. they're amazing. I used to kick harder with the outcast fins but didnt spend as much time on the water because I got tired. Or I wouldn't go to the area of the lake I wanted to. Now I go as far as I want and my legs/knees dont get tired at all. So i guess that makes up for the exercising part haha
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  8. Eyejuggler Beech Nut

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    Seriously, I just got my Force Fins last Wednesday and took them out today after using my Outcast fins for a year. Holy Cow, they are effortless and super easy to maneuver. I balked at the price initially...but like they get what ya pay for.
    They are also very sexy...just sayin'

    My outcast fins work well and for the money you cannot go wrong, but your Quads and Tib Anterior will let you know they are unhappy.
  9. dibling Active Member

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    I can vouch for this after picking them up recently. At least my feet aren't numb anymore though.