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  1. Hi,

    I am looking to upgrade my fins. I have been using old fins from Caddis for roughly 20 years. I have seen quite a few people out there with Force Fins so my assumption is that they are very good if not great. So my inclination is to get those. Are there other options I should be looking at?


  2. Rowland, are your Caddis fins the old soft rubber green models? If so I would like to have dibs on them in case you are getting rid of them. They are the basis of FrankenFins and are getting really hard to find.

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  3. Hi,

    No they are not the green model. They are the plain black and go under boot. The fin is somewhat short. I do intend to keep them as a backup.

  4. You have at least 2 or 3 good choices but most, including me, would suggest force fins. If you run a search on here there's plenty of prior discussion. Good call on the upgrade.....fins, fly lines and net are the only things I've stepped for and well worth it. Everything else, including rod & reel, are on the cheap and work just fine..
  5. I would recommend Force Fins. I have used a variety of scuba fins and prefer the Force Fins. I have noticed less fatigue when covering large water and they are as fast as scuba fins. I bought a used float tube once and the guy packaged the force fins with it. They are my main ones now.

  6. Get the force fins. You'll not regret it.
  7. This is the advice you'll get from 90% of the people.

    I'd go with scuba fins. Used the force fins for long enough that I know they don't propel a float tuber or someone in a pontoon as well as the longer scuba fins. I've kicked around float tubes and 10' pontoon boats and these got me around much better. You can find them used and much cheaper at dive stores. I use the thin soled diver booties over my waders.

    Not knocking Force Fins but something like this should be considered.
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  8. I'm in the market for new fins. My 28 yr, 135 lb, old Caddis fins are killing me. Wow, never would have considered scuba fins.

    What would you give the "Pros and Cons" for using scuba fins verses Force? I'm sure it's different for some, but if you like them (for the same reason I may like them), then I may change my mind.
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  9. Bigger surface area. Seems I can lazily kick around rather than a faster tempo pace to get the same movement. I felt like I was working harder with the FF. Can't really explain it but I know I get around better with the bigger fins with less effort. It may take slightly more power on each stroke to move them thru the water but I'm a pretty healthy guy and feel no fatigue.

    I used scuba fins for years then tried the FF for one season and went back to scuba fins.
  10. Interesting Pt, thank you.

    I guess I'm not sure which way I want to go. I mean, I completely get what you're say'n, but honestly can't remember if I want to be "less tired" or get around faster. <- Not sure if that made sense.

    I'm pretty healthy as well, but I do get tired after 6 to 8 hrs of paddling around.

    Maybe here's a better question: How are they for making quick turns? Sometimes the wind kicks up, or I get one of those "psycho" fish, and have to make a quick turn in my boat. I'm thinking maybe a shorter fin may be better for that type of situation..?

    Crap, I really didn't want to overthink this... :confused:
  11. this is good information.
  12. I use and really like the Omega flip fins - which in addition to their ability to flip up, are also designed more tike scuba fins than force fins (i.e., long, vs. short). Many others don't like the flip fins - and I believe that the company is now defunct. But as for pros and cons of the general short vs. long choice, here's what I've found:

    Long fins, if well designed at least, seem to move you in the water a lot more efficiently. As mentioned - just a lazy kick tempo. I really don't fear wind when using them.

    Long fins are basically impossible to walk in. Not that you would want to hike in FFs either. The flip fins are sort of a hybrid, maybe hike to the parking lot at best.

    I like not wearing my boots when using fins, so the scuba-style fins are more in line with this. I just use either a Simms booty in the summer or my stocking foot waders otherwise.

    I do get tired after 6-8 hours in long fins. But I don't get tired in 1 hour, or maybe even in 4 -5 hours.

    I can turn on a dime, spin around in circles, do whatever with long fins. It did take some getting used to - the first few times out I could only turn left, which really sucked. There was a a 1-3 outing learning curve - you need to angle your foot down differently to dig in and take advantage of the added length. But it has become 100% intuitive now - I don't even think about having any difficulty in turning.

    As for "psycho" fish, I hooked into a planted lunker at a local lake a few weekends back - it spun me around so many times it actually took a while for me to figure out where I was. The long fins did very well - no complaints at all.
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  13. Dave K,

    Safest bet would be FF. I haven't heard anyone who said they didn't like them. But, most people are upgrading from the old Caddis style fins which are garbage and FF's are a huge improvement so reviews are going to be great. The differences between FF and scuba are probably much less drastic so at that point it comes to personal preference.

    +1 to this.

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  14. Great info!

    Yep, I guess I have to figure out exactly what I want.

    However, like you said PT, any upgrade from those old Caddis fins is probably going to be an improvement.
  15. I just convinced my wife to give up her "caddis like fins" for some Browning labeled fins like the ones I've used forever. She had been saying she was fine with her old ones until I convinced her to try the ones I got for here. Took her less than 100yrds of kicking to ask me why I didn't convince her earlier.
  16. may the "force" be with you...;)
  17. This is very good feedback. The points of view are mixed but valid. Not 100% sure of the direction I will go other than to not use my old fins.

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  18. Jordan,
    I was in a similar situation except I was using Outcast fins. They worked fine but I thought that there may be other better alternatives. In my case a good friend let me use a pair of force fins for a day of fishing. At the end of the day it was clear that the fins made a big difference and were worth the price. To date I've only used Force and Outcast Fins so I don't have the experience to compare with the Scuba Fins.
    Good luck,
  19. I agree. I started with scuba fins and tried adjustable Force Fins because everyone seemed to rave how great they were. I bought a pair and I didn't like them as well as the scuba fins. so I sold the Force Fins and went back to the scuba fins.

    I know a lot of folks are sold on the Force Fins but they just didn't work all that great for me. Plus, and I can't figure this out in the least, when I was using the Force Fins my legs would cramp up. I've never had that problem with full-foot scuba fins.

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who prefers scuba fins -- I thought I was the only guy who wasn't in love with Force Fins.

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