first attempt at classic salmon flies...

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  1. Got a wild hair to tie a couple classic style salmon here are my first two ....I know they are not up to the outstanding standards of this forum...but o thinly o can do much better with a few pointers from you pros...herself is my first thunder & lightening and just an Orange classic I just throught together. Thanks in advance for your help. IMAG0107.jpg IMAG0110.jpg
  2. Damm auto correct
  3. The orange classic is my favorite of the two. Looks REALLY good. Don't get me wrong, that's a nice T&L as well. Most of the time I lack the drive to build stacked or married wings, so my hat is off to you.

    Your asking for pointers, otherwise I would not have written anything that follows. I do not critique other tiers flies unless they ask. It is art and it is ultimately between you and the creation. And hopefully a fish :)

    Based on what I know about classic ties, and "Dave Dalan's Patent Pending Rules for Fly Tying Excellence" I would offer the following respectful and humble feedback.

    On the T&L:

    - Tinsel/floss tag seems to be proper proportions (50/50) and ends in the correct location (straight line between the end of the tag and the tine of the hook).
    - The floss tag is too thick.
    - Ostrich looks nice and even, the body looks even in thickness (perhaps a little thicker in the front) and the ribbing, hackle, wings and collar all look nice.
    - The head it too large, but that is a common malaise in both salmon and steelhead fly tying.
    - I have found the big head syndrome usually results form crowding the eye of the hook (Steals your room for tying materials nice and flat), but with big winged fly small heads are still quite tricky.
    - Tail and topping tippets are superb.

    On the Orange Classic:

    -Tag is super, but tied to far back.
    - The dubbed section between the tail and the ostrich seems awkward.
    - The floss on the body seems a bit uneven, the ribbing is nice
    - I would make the dubbed throat about 1/3 shorter in length.
    - Head looks great
    - You can "fix" (for show anyway) jungle cock with head cement, to eliminate the splits. It's not easy, and in full disclosure, I don't use JC.

    I would happily fish either tie :)
  4. Thanks for all the great feedback David.....i've tied a few more since those first couple, with some pointers from the good folks on the "other" site. ( SP).... I think I may be improving a' s a couple... IMAG0127.jpg IMAG0127.jpg IMAG0130.jpg

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  5. Nice!

    If you have not checked them out already, there there are some good instructional books ("Steelhead Flies" by John Shewey, "Spey Files and How to Tie them" by Bob Veverka). The Shewey book has detailed shots and instructions on construction of bodies, married wings, etc. Its a favorite of mine :)
  6. not sure if you're trying to tie presentation or just fishing grade flies, but let me throw in a couple tips.
    Use thread wraps sparingly. I mean tie something in with 5 wraps of FLAT thread, then for the next material, take 3 wraps off and tie the new piece in with 5 wraps. This is the 5/3 method.
    For tips and tags - use tinsel to match the size of the hook. For 1-1.5 i use fine tinsel, 1/0-3/0 small tinsel 4/0 and bigger medium tinsel.
    Tips should be 4 or 5 wraps max. and only tie in the core, not the actual metal wrap, othewise you end up with a bump. Tip and tag should not be 50/50 (tip shorter) and the tip/tag como doenst have to be between the barb and the point. It all depends on the fly, and the balance or shape you want to achieve.
    FInally, what you do at the start set the tone for the WHOLE fly. If you dont like it, go back and redo it, otherwise your whole lfy will be 'off'

    These tips are applicable to presentation quality flies - but if you use them now, you'll find your fishing flies much more pleasing on the eye, not that the fish really care though.

  7. Lol...i don't know what i was thinking about the tag ratio. And ill chip in to agree that unless your tying patterns for someone else, you are the only one you need to please at the vice
  8. I would fish that orange classic on any steelhead river, with confidence!
  9. For the orange fly, you need only use a shorter, and perhaps more curved, tail, the same length as the topping. For the T & L, the only problem is the size of the head. One has to make a certain number of wraps to attach multiple wing segments, and that adds up to a lot of bulk - unless you use fine thread. (You can switch to finer thread at any point, after using stronger thread for the body, esp. dubbing loops.)

    The proportions of both flies are excellent, otherwise. A terific start!

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