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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Alex MacDonald, Jan 31, 2013.

  1. Toward the end of next month, I'm planning on dragging my little trailer over to the Canal and giving sea-runs a first go. Does anyone have a recommendation on a good "first beach" over around the West side of the Canal area, say around one of the state parks? I'm not taking the boat, just wading. I can find the State Park with hookups for the trailer, so don't need any info on that, just a beach that isn't a five-mile forced march from the road!
  2. Fish the out going tides at the d river's estuaries
    Should be chum fry from the early fall runs
    Good luck
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  3. Kinda what I was thinking also, Liliwaup, Hama Hama area or Duckabush. Should be something in the area, and I can put the trailer in Dosewallips.
  4. I tried Pt. Whitney yesterday.

    From all reports, it's a great spot but a really "great" spot when the chum fry show up. (talked to one of the biologists who works at the WDFW shellfish lab and he said the cutts are crazy-hungry when the chum fry are in the water.)

    No evidence of juvenile chum when I was there.

    Looked in the creeks and estuaries and nothing evident.

    A little too early I expect.

    I had two "bumps" but that was it.

    In a month or more I expect things will be different!
  5. Hey Alex,

    There is no boat launch at Dosewallips but there is a WDFW launch at Triton Cove which is a couple of miles south of the Park. It is a quick run up to the eastuary. Beware of a lot of wood underwater at the river estuary mouth. Did some work over there last year and we had to motor in very slowly. It is a very nice estuary with lots of nice habitat. Good luck.
  6. I remember my first beach, she was a Russian with tattoos up the whole left side of her body and smoked like a chimney!

    just kidding, dosewallips is the largest of the west side rivers so i would focus my efforts there. having some more size it can support SRC longer as they spawn and can offer the fish a place to go to mix it up between salt and fresh water
  7. First Beach at La Push was a REALLY special place that summer of 1967...
  8. I have stayed at Potlatch State Park. It's small and clean and has a very nice beach across the road. It's one of the first parks you hit after the junction to Shelton so its lower on the canal. It's also close to the Skokomish river if you go in season.
  9. I haven't camped at any of the parks along the canal, but I think that Dosewallips might be nicer than Potlatch. However Potlatch is closer to Hoodsport, which has better eateries than Brinnon, which is by Dosewallips.
    The Skokomish River has trout fishing up in the Park above Staircase, but you access that up beyond Lake Cushman, which is up from Hoodsport.

    Dosewallips puts you closer to the Quilcene/Port Townsend/Admiralty Inlet/Indian Island action, if you want to buzz up over Mt Walker and check out those places.
    It also is close to Point Whitney. There's a private RV campground right at the turnoff to Point Whitney at Bee Mill Rd. I think its called "Cove RV." They have a really cool little store there, with an amazingly well stocked little fishing tackle dept. I'm not sure if they have their own boat launch, but there's a privately owned ramp nearby at that sprawling old store called "Hjelkiviches" (or something like that).
  10. If fishing is slow the Geoduck Tavern is good place to help you forget about a skunking.
  11. There is a distillery in Hoodsport, Hardware Distillery.
  12. ...and a winery, Hoodsport Winery. I've never stopped in there, since I'm usually driving thru on my way to elsewhere.
  13. The Hoodsport Raspberry is one of my summertime favorites!
  14. Can't argue with any piece of information.
  15. Ask the Hoodsport Hatchery workers when they release their 12,000,000 chum fry.

  16. By the way if you have the time, the Mt. Walker overlook is one of the least-known and most spectacular scenic spots in the state. A short drive to the summit (on a clear day) gives views south along Hood Canal to the Great Bend, west into the heart of the Olympics and east, clear across the Kitsap Peninsula to the tiny toy towers of Seattle.
  17. I'll add a tidbit to what Preston said. If you drive up the Dosewallips Road along the river. Only a few miles up the road or so. Stop at the pulloff at Rocky Creek on the right. Walk up the trail about 1000 feet to enjoy the spectacular waterfall. Bring a beer, your cigar, and your female campmate. Try fishing the cobbly beaches near the rivers and avoid the mudflats for cutthroats. You should find something around.

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