First dinner in my 14" dutch....

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  1. Well I finally got my big 14" dutch oven seasoned and I thought I better give it a whirl. This is Sat. night dinner.
    Meatloaf stuffed acorn squash

  2. Oh hell yeah. Damned, looks good.

    Hey, while I remember. What did you put in those hashbrowns you made in the dutch ovens? I know it was a mixture of sourcream, cheese, and the frozen browns. Was that it? And how many briquets top/bottom?
  3. Hey, while I remember. What did you put in those hashbrowns you made in the dutch ovens? I know it was a mixture of sourcream, cheese, and the frozen browns. Was that it? And how many briquets top/bottom?[/QUOTE]

    Oh That would be the "cheesy pototo casserole".......

    2 lb. bag frozen hashbrowns, thawed
    1/4 C. diced onions
    (2) 10.75 oz. cans condensed cream of potato soup
    2 C. sour cream
    1 C. grated cheddar cheese
    1/2 C. grated parmesan

    Thaw hashbrowns and combine with the next 4 ingredients.
    Spread in a greased 12" dutrch oven.
    Sprinkle with parmesan cheese and bake 45-60 min. at 350 F (in a 12" that's about 17 coals on top, 8 on the bottom)

  4. Awesome, thanks. Those were great, loved them. Gonna have to make a run to the store now. :)
  5. You guys are the cast iron bomb. Thanx Lonnie and Jerry for the inspiration.
    Eric (electric)
  6. Hungry...
    Meatloaf stuffed squash looks great. The potatoes were fantastic.
  7. What? You didn't invite us!
    Hell, I'd have flown up there for some of that!
    Lookin' good Lonnie!
  8. I forgot to say...
    "Everything is better with bacon!"
  9. Man, This site just wasn't complete until we got the "Camping-Hiking, Cooking forum!! :thumb:


  10. I think for some of us who love to cook, fishing and cooking go hand in hand. I've even been known to cut the days fishing a little short so I can get a great meal going. Even if I'm just out for the day I'll usually take a short break, fire up my Svea 123 stove and make some tea or soup. And really, does it get any better than being out in the wild, eating a great dinner and sitting around the campfire with a sip of bourbon? That's living man!
  11. Looks delicious. Am sure it tasted even better!
    Also thanks for the cheesy potato casserole recipe.
  12. Yup, the casserole was a hit. I used fresh grated potatoes though instead of frozen. But turned out great. :)
  13. Hey Jim! Who said you could pirate that recipe?????:rofl: Enjoy!

    Glad everyone liked it Jerry. It's a family favorite of ours and I'm sure you can see there all kinds of ways you could doctor it up...bacon, sausage, etc... Good call with the fresh spuds. I got a mandolin for Christmas and now I can finally slice, dice julienne with "style"!:thumb:
  14. That looks mighty tasty!!!
  15. Isn't this why we have great fishing trips? Its's the gourmet cooking, exellent beer, great wines, and good whiskey. And the greatest of friends. What else could it be? Why else would we do it again and again and again? The chance to be out doors and all this too can't be beat. forgot to say that dinner looks great.
  16. Bitteroot, I got a mandolin several years ago and last year got another model that just does course shreds. I haven't bought frozen hash browns since. The fresh potatoes just can't be beat for flavor.

    The way I do hash browns nowadays(after years of mediocre results) is to shred the potatoes with the skins on into a salad spinner. Wash them good and spin off the excess water. Place the potatoes on a large plate and microwave uncovered but salted for 4 minutes. Then into a preheated cast iron pan with a little oil and butter. Over med high heat cook until golden brown on the first side then flip. I don't stir at all and put a few pats of butter on top of the potatoes while the first side is cooking. These are just yummy-crisp and brown outside-soft and delicious inside. When camping without benefit of the microwave, peel and boil the potatoes the night before until they just start to soften a little then cool overnight and shred in the morning. Both methods work very well.

  17. What temperature setting do you use on the micro and how many watts is it?
  18. AMEN, Bob! Nobody suffers at a Hoh Down, except from the "libations" side of the event:beer1:
  19. Thanks for that tip Ive! I will definitely give that a try. I love the mandolin too.

  20. 1100 watts on highest setting.


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