First Family Adventure to Yellowstone

Discussion in 'Trip Reports with Pics' started by Ed Call, Jul 5, 2011.

  1. Ed Call Mumbling Moderator

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    Start: 6/25 @ 12 noon
    End: 7/04 @ 10 pm
    Trip Distance: 2610 miles, she drove 50 (yes fifty) of them.

    Amazing is such an understatement. Armed with a week of unpaid vacation, a spotting scope, binoculars for each of the ladies, a tent trailer and Yellowstone on our mind we were off for our adventure.

    This was not a fishing trip, but I did get to wet a line a bit. Two brief outings. The Gibbon River in a meadow, popular with the bison, where gentle S curves make foam line fishing in the outside cuves Mumbles proof.

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    There was flora that impressed all around. If you don't like it live, there is plenty of dead evidence of flora past.

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    There was fauna just about everywhere. We saw: Bison, Elk, Wolves, Moose, Fox, Badger, White tail deer, Black Tail deer, Pronghorn, Marmot, Ground Squirrel, Sandhill Cranes, Pelicans, tons of other birds, insects and small creatures.

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    Whoops, those are two legged creatures, here are some of the other stars of Yellowstone.

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    And of course despite all the flora, fauna and family, Mother Nature does her best to steal the show.

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    Just a few of my 500+ photos on my tiny piece of crap point and shoot with 3x zoom. Both girls have better point and shoots than mine, and Jill's small body sony camera kicks the crap out of mine too. Views through the spotting scope make me yearn for a nice, but talentless hack cheap camera that will get me out there for better photos. Everyone took 3-5 times the number of photos that I excuse? I was busy driving!

    More to follow when I'm not dead tired from the long and awesome trip followed by an immediate return to work. Man can not live on unpaid vacation pay alone!
  2. Rob Ast Active Member

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    Nice - a brown and a bow, now you just need to go back for your cutty to get the slam. Looking forward to installment #2
  3. Derek Young 2011 Orvis Endorsed Fly Fishing Guide Of The Year

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    Yellowstone is a great place for a family vacation, sounds like that rings true with the Mumble's as well. Great pics Ed!
  4. Mike Ediger Active Member

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    Ed, you are truly an inspiration for all bald guys with two daughters who formerly drove Pathfinders.
    Looks like you had a great trip!
  5. Mark Walker Active Member

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    I hope you and the family didn't get chased by any Bison like I did when I was a kid throwing line on the Madison!!!
  7. manOfaith New Member

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    Nice report Mumbles. Looks like you and the fam had a great trip. I love spending time in Yellowstone, so much to see and fish!
  8. dryflylarry "Chasing Riseforms"

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    Glad you had a nice trip Ed! Yellowstone is a great place. Pretty brutal going back to work huh?
  9. Nick Clayton Active Member

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    Oh yeah, leave it to the retired guy to make work references =o)

    Sounds like a great trip Ed! Great, great family time there.
  10. Dehlan G Member

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    The great thing about Yellowstone is that even when the big fatty trouts aren't biting, you can still catch plenty of dumb (opportunistic) but beautiful lil guys. Nice trip report