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  1. After being completely inspired by the life like movement of flat wings, I went and bought some bucktails.
    As I was leaving I realized I had a red one, blue one and of course white. Hope I get into some patriotic fish.
    I posted the best photo I could manage with my phone.
    The pattern recipe is the Rhody Flatwing, seemed right since Port Townsend has a Rhody Festival. I'll give it a whirl and report back.

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  2. I can make out the cigar ring on your vise but hard to see the fly well. Please take us another photo.:)
  3. Will do Jack, the first olive saddle hackle, second is more anchovie, red blue white with grizz hackle

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  4. Rhody size 4 stainless hook, Anchovie size 6 salmon hook,
  5. Better jph

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  6. Better jph

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  7. Nice. Suggestion: after your head cement dries, hold the fly under the hot water tap for a few seconds and massage/stroke the buck tail to a nice shape like a fish. Let it dry like that and it will retain the shape somewhat and you will get a good idea what it will look like in the water. Like the photo.
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  8. Fishy looking

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  9. Less than 10 minutes and 4 casts destroyed

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  10. DEESTROYED! The Rhody is a killer pattern! Here were my concerns, seemed long short strikes might be a concern? Need a stinget? NO WAY. These fish were pull the line out of your stripping hand full tilt committed. Wow, I think I'll tie some more.
    I'll take an 18 inch cut over a pink any day.

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  11. Way to go Tony !!! Those cutt's know where to bite them, I worried about short strikes when I first started tying them and found out it was seldom the case, even with smaller fish... Good looking flat wing too !!!!
    I also sent you a PM....
  12. nice work!
    short strikes arent that big a problem as survey says ....
    they go for the eyes

  13. Nice flatwing Tony.

    I have yet to sit down and tie flat wing pattern, but you have me motivated with that photo.

    Is the pattern for the Rhody flat wing on the web? If so, will you post a link?

    Maybe you tweak this pattern and call it a drunken Rhody! That would be appropriate for PT ;-)
  14. Thanks Jeff,
    how about a drunken rhody queen?DRQ :) dun right quick?

    This pattern/ flat wing is a pleasure to cast, fun to tie, beautiful in the vise, and amazing in the water. Those east coast guys know their stuff.
    I was fishing it on an intermediate line and even at a drift it just looks alive.
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  15. The "Rhody" flatwing was created by Bill Peabody of RHODE ISLAND. The fly was named for the State, not the plant. How about we not re-write history???
    I had the pleasure of meeting BIll and fishing with him once many moons ago at Point Judith on Rhode Island. Helluva nice guy. Helluva striper fisherman.
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  16. Nice Cutthroat, Tony.
    Don't be concerned about short strikes with flat wings. SSP (short strike paranoia) is quite common in our area. Don't think about it. Today, for example, I fished flatwings for cutts. I had three strikes and landed three fish. I can assure you, not one of those sculpins short struck.:)
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  17. Yes, the DRQ is a fly I would fish! Sorry to keep this thread off track, but get this.... I WAS the PT Rhody King! Haha


    Well, junior rhody king anyway.

    Thanks Tony for the link
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  18. All hail King Dodd!:)
    What a great photo ,1978?
  19. That is about right. You're good.

    Maybe see you on a beach over there this fall Tony. Fishing that flatwing! I am tying one tonight.

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