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  1. Fly_Fisher_00

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    So I tie a lot of drys and nymphs; This is my first go round with fry patterns. What do ya''ll think? Any tips to clean things up is much appreciated. Hopefully going to perfect my patter and get some SRC and cohos later this year.

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  2. plecoptera419

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    Those will catch fish for sure. What size hooks are they tied on?
  3. Fly_Fisher_00

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    [quoteare lecoptera419, post: 921803, member: 20860"]Those will catch fish for sure. What size hooks are they tied on?[/quote]

    Both are on size #2 one is on a long shank and the other is a down turn short shank. We will see what happens. I am used to tying #12-18 caddis and drys for red band trout.
  4. plecoptera419

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    You can drop your hook sizes to 6 to 8 for SRCs and I had no issues with hooking salmon with Gamagatsu size 4 SC15s. Just change your material proportions accordingly.
  5. Fly_Fisher_00

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    Thank you much for the tip. My thought processes was start a little bigger so it is easy to get proportions correct the start getting smaller. Size 4 for hoes? It just seems a little small. Like I said I am new to targeting hoes on the fly, so I will give it a go. The next fly I was looking at trying is the "cop car" it resembles a white fish smolt. So we will see.
  6. Steve Knapp

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    Those look great, one tip, if those are dumbbell eyes, they will make your pattern flip over and ride upside down. Tie them in on whatever side of the hook you want the belly to be. If they're just stick on eyes, forget everything I just said!

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  7. Fly_Fisher_00

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    Good to know, I will remember that with the dumbells, but these ones are glue on.on.
  8. Cole L

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    I caught a bunch of coho on size 10-14's, sometimes smaller is better