First Lake Fish on a fly (trip report)

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by JMitchell, Apr 21, 2013.

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    So my brother-in-law came up from tri-cities to help me make some repairs on my fence. He knows I am a fishing freak, so part of the deal was that I take him fishing. He has very little experience, especially with a fly rod, but I really wanted to give him a chance at something other than 8 inch stockers.

    We decided to stay close to home and hit a lake that is a short, but steep climb. Packed in our float tubes and away we went. To my surprise, wind was minimal issue. I have had moderate success in this lake trolling, so I figured this would be the easiest method for him. I set him up with a tried and true pattern and told him "just kick around and if you feel a pull, lift your rod".

    Well, I could tell he was getting frustrated after a couple of hours of not catching fish (I had landed 4-5 nice fish in the 14-18 inch range, mostly working the shoreline/reeds.) I decided to change tactics. I gave him a quick casting lesson and away he went casting at that reeds.

    He managed to lose a couple of flies, but I told him no biggie and to keep at it. It was getting cold and late, so I said "10 minutes and will call it a day". He then proceeded to hook this beast, I counted 9 jumps and multiple runs I coached him as best I could and we managed to land the fish after a good 5 minute battle. It was a legit 20 inches (see the kill shot) and a girthy fish.

    He was so excited (check at the grin on first pic) and really insisted on keeping the fish. "No problem, it is within the long as we eat it!" I told him.

    I was unsure how this fish would taste as it comes from a shallow, fairly muddy lake. As I pumped it's stomach, I found a good amount of scuds. I have never seen a trout with such pink flesh! I have heard that trout that have a crustacean-heavy diet can adopt the pinkish flesh akin to salmon. I am assuming the color was due to this.

    One truly tasty trout and a fish my bro-in-law will remember for a long time!


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    sweet report. keep this place on the DL:)
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    I enjoyed that.....thanks for the great report and all the pics!
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    Man that lake sure looks familiar!! Good report. I have been up there 7 times so far this year and have killed 5 snakes already.

    Did you hear that they are also putting a road back in? I guess it is going to the left of the double wide near the gravel pit.

    It will take a few years to complete it though.
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    hopefully, a stream near you.
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    McNasty, will do. I think the walk itself limits pressure, but I will keep it on the DL.

    We did see one buzz-tail up there, but he was moving pretty slow.
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    it'll still be a good lake when they fix the roads, but then the hordes will be back and the lake will prolly be cleared of most fish again every year. since the road washed out the fish havent been getting kept as much since mostly only fly fishers CnRing go up there. few hold overs way over 20" in there. . .
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    And dont forget the fish poachers and animal poachers as well.
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    Good work! I miss that place!
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    Super, great reports and pics.