First redneck bonefish, kinda by accident

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  1. Caught my first carp on the fly rod! I was fishing for small-mouth on the Columbia, down river from McNary Dam. I was bouncing a bead-head bugger off the bottom, while drifting downstream in my tube. I had picked up a few small bass this way, but at 8 a.m. I got a strong pull on the line. At first it wasn't that serious of a fight, but when that fish saw my tube & fins, it headed for the middle of the river.
    I had to chase it down w/ the tube, almost went to the end of my backing. That has NEVER happened to me before. My fishing buddy, Ed thought it was hilarious. I'm sure the look on my face was classic. We had seen some springers rolling, so I didn't know what it was at first. View attachment 42416 View attachment 42417
    When I finally got it in, had to horse it in w/out a net. Funny that the old 1x tippet never gave out, & my cheap 6 weight didn't break. Haven't posted for a long time b/c haven't had any worthwhile trips. Enjoy the goofy pictures!
  2. Hell of a fish. I was fishing near there on Monday, talked to a dude who had caught two Carp the same morning. Congrats.
  3. Thanks! A few days earlier I found a bunch of carp spawning in the Paterson slough (about 3 of water in a little bay), but couldn't get them to hit anything. Have you caught any small-mouth in the slough, or mostly in the main river? I caught a couple three pound small-mouth a week ago in the river, but would like to explore the slough if it is productive. I tried crayfish patterns, a few ugly leech patterns, no bumps. Might have to wait til the water warms up a bit? Kind of an ignoramus about bass still, but I try hard!
  4. Nice fish! I bet that was one hell of a battle out in your tube. Well played!
  5. nice job but please tell me you didnt release that thing alive??
    you guys injoy catching those things??
  6. My answer to this, as always will be:

    When I am bass fishing for the big boys, i really hate it when the native 8-12" cutts or 15-16" rainbows grab my streamer at the end of a dock, should I just throw them up on shore cause they werent what I was looking for?

    Hell I guess the 24" Rainbow that mangled one of my bass flies should of been eaten or killed just cause he really put a kink in my bass fishing.
  7. yeah but its a nasty carb i mean look what they have done to the mississippi river?
    and i know a rainbow isnt native to washington and there all planted but a carpis way worse it just distroys everything that is native to a lake and over powers it, a carp is something that sould have never been brought into the U.S in my opinion
  8. Those are asian carp in the Illinois and Missouri river, you are talking about the jumping ones that destroy everything right?

    You know there are actually protected species of carp here in Washington?

    Fly fisherman are a crazy bunch, and its no wonder so many people get turned off so quickly. You should probably research the fish you are asking if some guy really put back before questioning him on a public forum.

    Maybe it never ran through your mind but some people like the chase of a carp, the patient stalking and the perfect casting needed to hook one of those creatures. Same with bass, go out and try and hook up with a 5 lber in Washington. Its possible but I guarantee it will be more difficult then any trout fishing here.
  9. I've caught most WA species on a fly rod in the fresh and salt water. Not a steelhead, ling, or salmon, it was a carp on the columbia that I had my first fear of being spooled. Having an old hardy reel, I reveled in the sound of line peeling off. but when I got to my last quarter of backing it was time to panic and palm like hell. No bad mouthing carp by me. They are truly the poor man's bone fish requiring stalk and presentation in most cases.

  10. Joe and Kcahill you are so right. I live in Montana and Carp fishing is a new addiction. I would be willing to argue that pound for pound the carp is the toughest running fish. I have never caught salmon though. I just got out carpin for the first time this last weekend. I caught 8 in 4 hours. I released everyone of them. This one was the biggest.
    View attachment 42724
    This fish was hooked 10 feet infront of me and was immediately to my backing. I got my line about halfway back and then another run took me even deeper into my backing. What a great fish to go for on the fly. Carp are way more picky than any trout I have ever fished for. Just my 2 cents.
  11. exactly what class is it you are the top of?
  12. I am happy to report that the fish was released unharmed. Some knuckleheads have been killing them and throwing them in the grass by the boat launch in Paterson slough (more than 30 carcasses). Retarded if you ask me. I am not sure about the damage that carp cause to any river or lake, but I believe it is illegal to just kill & waste them when they are listed under "Food fish" in the regulations. I would love to hear your argument (Top in my class) about the damage they cause with at least a little evidence to support your attitude toward these fish.
  13. That's the best isn't it? You are like he'll yeah look at this fish run, then it's holy shit I'm in the backing, followed by Jesus Christ I'm going to get spooled :rofl:
  14. I actually wrote to one of Washington's warm water fish biologists with the question of why WA fish and game have so maligned the common carp. He stated that carps' rooting destroys plants used for habitat, that they compete with other fish for food and that they actually feed on the eggs of other fish. I then responded that I fish for several species in waters in which carp are present and that I haven't seen a decline in fisheries quality or the damaging effects that are supposed to be caused by carp. I also asked him to back up his claims with references to actual studies that had come to the above mentioned conclusions. He failed to produce anything. I believe that the hate directed toward carp is from ignorance bred out of our long standing coldwater-centric fishing mentality in the northwest. Or, the people that hate them so much have not tried fishing for them on the fly or don't have the patience or skills to catch them.
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  15. skill to catchiong them?? yeah ok thats a real skill you got there to catch a carp
  16. Top in my class,
    I am guessing you have never fished for Carp. Or maybe that is why you hate them so much is because you have tried but have never been good enough to hook up. Carp are monsters and are way tougher to convince to eat a fly than a trout. They are much tougher to catch than a trout. Granted a 10 lb trout on 5 lb tippet can be tough, but lets compare, 5 lb tippet on a 5 wt with a 10 pound trout, or 15 lb tippet on a 7 wt with a 15 pound carp. You will land the trout faster and more often. I challenge you to actually catching a carp over 10 pounds and then you are welcome to any opinion you want. It takes time to figure them out and learn their behavior. Also learning to feel their ever so gentle take is a feat all in itself. The challenge has been put out there. Good luck.
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  17. The "class" is obviously not English.
  18. What brand of corn where you using to catch those carp?
  19. really food fish?? i would love to see you eat a carp cooked like you would cook any other fish

    I got a great recipe for cooking carp,
    put the carp on a shingel
    cook him for about 3hrs
    pull the carp off the shingel
    throw away the carp and eat the shingel
    awesome eating!
  20. Well I am not surprised by your comment at all. To be top of your class, you must be the only student. I completely understand you backing down from the challenge. You just go ahead and keep fishing with your red and white bobber with your long worm attached to your hook.
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