First redneck bonefish, kinda by accident

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  1. I don't think I would ever eat a carp unless I was about to starve, but just noting that they are listed as a "food Fish" in the regulations. Therefore, I think it is illegal to just kill them and throw them away.
  2. what callenge?
    and wow make funny of top in my class,
    well looks like to me you dont know what your talking about when it comes to carp because the lake wildlife bioloigist was on my side
    and you send all you time trying to catch one.
  3. This thread needs another picture.


    Carp are not easy to catch on the fly. If you think they are than you are a far better angler than i am, or you are just talking without experience. I believe the challenge was to see if you could catch one,
    top of the class. Personally, I try not to speak about anything unless I have actually experienced it.
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  4. Carp are indeed an invasive species however I don't see what damage they cause. They don't eat other fish and they are proving to be a terrific game fish. Since we don't have minnows or Shiners, It would seem that the immature Carp are beneficial by providing additional forage for the more popular gamefish that we all enjoy catching. BTW has anyone ever seen a baby carp? All I ever see are big ones. Just an observation.
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  5. Fun Fact: The Carp family of fishes is the largest family of freshwater fishes worldwide. There many different species of Carp. Many are piscavores and insectivores unlike the more common turdiverous variety that we find at home.
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  6. "Top of My Class" would appear more credible by checking his spelling and grammar.
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  7. Pikeminnow, walleye and bass eat small carp on the Columbia.

    I know WDFW has extricated small carp from the insides of predators but I haven't ever seen one myself either Jay.
  8. If they're so great, why don't I see one mounted at Cabelas?? Or have gear for catching carp?

    The only carp worse than that one would be a bigger one!!
  9. Well top of my mind or coming out out of my clueless ass (contract that as you wish), the ability to stalk, present and strike at the right time is universes beyond the traditional approaches of blind fishing. Carp are as worthy as any purported game fish, IMO. Its like saying that since folks don't generally eat tarpon, it isn't a worthy fish to catch.

    Funny part is I think many of the common carp in the US (asian carp notwithstanding) where introduced by the federal government to provide a food fish.

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  10. Top. Just go out carpin' sometime and try to catch one. If you did catch one your first time out you would probably come back for more. I'm glad that you don't see carp mounts in Cabela's. Right now it's great because I get to go fishing for a species that sees very little pressure. But especially because I get shots at more than 30 fish a day that weigh more than 10lbs. Fish that burn into your backing on every run. So please, stick to your Cabela's fishing.
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  11. The challenge was for you to catch one on a fly, and once you get one carp on the fly then please come back and give us your opinion of them. I would be willing to bet that after you catch just one your opinion will have changed.
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  12. Why waste time attempting to change a person with a closed mind who is only interested in "stiring up the pot." He wins by getting you piss*** off. He would rather sneer at others without ever finding out through direct experience how difficult it might be try this type of fishing.

  13. The first one he hooks will change his mind.
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    If you click on this URL you can see this awesome new fly i tied last night, please give me your opinion on how well you think it will work,
    I do not mind if you take my idea because carp are an exciting fish to catch from what i hear from you guys, and this looks like it will work great!
    Can't wait to try it out!
  15. That's pretty good. I also have great success with my Wonder Bread Dough Ball imitation and my Turd Imitation, (The latter being a floating fly).
  16. Well that shut you guys up.
  17. Well, sometimes you just have to deal with stupid people by simply ignoring them.
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  18. stupid people like to catch carp for fun.
  19. It's amazing how concerned you are with what other people choose to do for fun. Fish for carp, don't fish for carp.... Who cares?

    Worrying about how someone else fishes is the equivalent of following Brad and Angelina on a weekly basis in a People magazine.
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